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Discussion in 'Expenses' started by Maven, Aug 25, 2017.

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    My 90 yo MIL has been receiving the max A&A benefit for the past year.We submitted a claim for her un-reimbursed medical expenses for the past year which totaled around $5,000. In reviewing her original award letter we see that her countable income was already reduced to $0.00 by the V.A. , since the cost of her care exceeds all her income. The claim was sent in 3 months ago, when we called to check on it we were told it was processing and had a projected completion date of August 14, which has come and gone with no word from the VA.

    My questions are-

    1- What should we expect from the V.A.? Nothing? Since she already receives the max and her countable income was already $0.00 at time of award?

    2-Even if she doesn't qualify for any reimbursement, I am curious as to what is the normal procedure when the V.A. does reimburse for medical expenses.Do they do it in a lump sum? Or is it added to the monthly pension little by little?

    3-Should one submit medical expenses as they occur say monthly, or wait until they accumulate over the course of a year?

    Thanks for the invaluable help provided on this forum
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    The VA is reviewing to make sure that your MIL is still eligible for the A&A benefit. You should have included Assisted Living Facility , Nursing home expenses, or caregiver expenses. You should not expect any more money as you state she is receiving the maximum. The VA does NOT reimburse for medical expenses. This is a process to see what brings your income down, not to provide the claimant with money.
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    My brother's medical expenses, and rent at his senior care facility far exceeds the monthly max amount, but that is all he can get. Thankfully, in his case, he had some savings so he will survive.
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