Medicaid for veteran, A&A for spouse

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    First of all, I want to thank you for this valuable tool! It has been so helpful this past year as I am helping all 4 of my grandparents get these benefits.

    My 90 y/o grandparents moved into assisted living in October last year. We applied for A&A, received a request for further information which we sent in mid-December, and are still awaiting a decision. In the meantime, my grandfather (veteran) has had some health complications and we were told yesterday that they needed to move him to a nursing home. We are looking to apply for Medicaid for him, as their assets only amount to $30,000 and they will spend through that quickly paying for a nursing home.

    My grandmother will likely stay in assisted living since she's still in reasonably good health.

    Am I correct in believing that my grandfather will no longer be entitled to A&A if he is awarded Medicaid (other than $90/month)? What I am not sure about is whether my grandmother will still be entitled to A&A since she will not be receiving Medicaid?

    Also, what's the process for notifying the VA of this change in his expenses, and ultimately if he gets awarded Medicaid?

    Thank you!
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    Hello there! Thank you for the kinds words.

    Yes, you are correct. The maximum amount an applicant can be awarded from A&A if they are on Medicaid is $90/month. It would be your grandfather that would no longer be eligible for the full A&A amount and then your grandmother would be eligible for the maximum amount of $1438/month because she would be considered a "sick spouse of a veteran" to the VA.

    The best thing to do is send the VA a Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 to update them on this change once your grandfather gets awarded Medicaid. I would not recommend updating the VA until he actually gets Medicaid. They may ask you for to submit an updated application - I am not sure if you would need to do that or not based on when you hear back from them on the award of A&A since you're still waiting on that decision currently.

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