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    I was approved for AA in 2002 with only a letter from my PA at a VA Clinic..Being I was 100% Disabled with IU I was surprised at how fast I was only a matter of months..but so many things have changed since then and I am sure they have tightened up. I was approved for the "L" rating which I guess is the lowest rating. I have thought about requesting an increase to a higher rating because I am spending more than what they give to pay for outside care but I am afraid they would end up cutting me off what I already have. I don't know if there are certain qualifications for a higher level or not and I can't find exactly how those ratings are applied. Being disabled and dependent upon others for pretty much everything to me is qualification enough..I have read where the VA is going so far to disprove claimaints that they will actually watch a Veteran's home or follow them from a VA appointment to see if they are faking their medical condition.
    Does anyone know about the different ratings and how or what the VA uses to determine whether a Veteran is eligible for the L rating or an R.1 rating or in between??

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