Married after discharge date

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  1. Amy

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    Hello, I'm just starting the Aid & Attendance process so this will be the first of many questions, I'm sure.

    My dad was in the Army from 1950 - 1952 and married my mom in 1954. Does my mom still qualify for A&A? Just clarifying that they didn't actually need to be married during his time of service.

    Thank you so much in advance. I'm finding this process so overwhelming and I was so happy to find this resource.
  2. Kaylin

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    Amy, you are correct. They did not need to be married during time of service. If you're still unsure on eligibility based on periods of war, we have a new eligibility calculator that is designed to ask short questions to help you find out if the veteran and/or spouse is eligible. You can use that eligibility calculator here.

    Feel free to come back and seek any help or advice you may need!

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