Marriage certificate required for divorced veteran?

Discussion in 'How to Apply Questions' started by Kaiya, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Kaiya

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    My father is a WWII veteran and living in an ALF. On the Application for Pension, 21-527EZ, question 19A-E, is it necessary for him to send a marriage certificate, since he is divorced and his ex-wife is deceased?

    Is it necessary to fill out the date and place of marriage, date and place of divorce, etc.?

    Thank you for all your help. The forums have saved me countless hours and headaches.
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  2. Kaylin

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    No, the marriage certificate would not be necessary in his case. You can always give best guess for date and place of marriage and divorce.

    You're most welcome! I'm happy you've found the forums and they've been useful to you. :)
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    Thank you Kaylin!
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    You're welcome!

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