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    Finally have my 3-ring-binder in the mail to the VA for my WWII Veteran dad and my mom (non-veteran) - both living in an Assisted Living facility as if October 2nd. (Return Receipt postmarked)

    Have all the forms in the binder, with dividers, plus a cover letter. I did put a picture of dad/mom on the front of the notebook (along with their names, etc) so they can see who they are dealing with. I know it won't push their application to the top of the heap, but just wanted to personalize it a bit. :)

    Forms I included:
    Cover letter
    D-41 (Notice of Separation from US Naval Service)
    Honorable Discharge
    Certificate of Marriage
    Form 21-4142 for both dad/mom
    Form 21-0845
    Form 21-4138 (dad receives a 10% disability pension from the VA - minimal amount)
    Form 21-2680 (dad/mom)
    Nursing Home Statement (dad/mom)
    Medical Payments (dad/mom)
    Income (dad/mom)
    Bank Statement (dad/mom)

    My dad does have "memory loss" as stated by his doctor, but no dementia or alzheimers have been mentioned. Don't know if I'll be required to go through the feduciary process or not.

    So, the wait begins and I'm just thrilled that I've waded through all the paperwork and am so very grateful for all the posts on this forum that have answered so many of my questions. Before I found the forum, I met with someone who wanted to put my parent's money in an annuity - unfortunately this person's name was given to me by the Assisted Living place where my parents reside. They portrayed him as someone from the VA who would "help me" through the process. We didn't "click" when I met him and he got upset when I asked him questions. After reading this forum, I thought why not just try it myself?

    So, once again, THANK YOU for all your help. I'll try to post as I hear back from the VA and give updates!
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    Good Luck, and we will be looking for updates as you go through this process.

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