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    My 88 yr old Mom lives in an Assisted Living facility and is lucky enough to have a Doctor and medical practice staff who make "house calls" as part of her chronic care management. At this point, she incurs no out of pocket medical expense (coverage by Medicare & supplemental TriCare forLife) or transportation expense for Doctor appointments.
    Do Doctor & Hospital visits still need to be provided, and listed on the Medical Expense Report?
    Her Medical Expenses (Assisted Living, Medicare premium, and verified ongoing RX) will fit in the space provided on Section X:Medical unreimbursed Expenses.

    Many thanks for all the help and information this site provides!
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    debralee, only if they are ongoing medical expenses. The VA will not really include a one-time expense like a single hospital visit when determining eligibility and amount awarded. As long as they are ongoing expenses, feel free to list them.

    You're welcome! Happy to help!

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