Lack of assistance for Iraqi veteran facing foreclosure

Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by magik01301, Jan 15, 2009.

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    I returned home from Iraq in May of 2008. Unfortunately I returned with a partial dislocation of my shoulder. I filed for VA benefits. I went back to work for 3 months and my employer had me on light duty. Unfortunately he never cleared it with anyone else and when I mentioned it to another supervisor I was sent home and told they they do not accomodate light duty. I am not allowed to come back until the doctor releases me completely. My employer said point blank" you were injured in the military it is the military's responsibility to fix you" So I ended up having to file a USERRA claim. I ended up having surgery at the end of October to anchor my shoulder in place. Needless to say that was in Sept and I am now 4 months behind on my mortgage payment and the mortgage company is threatening to foreclose. I called the VA for assistance every month since this happened and at first they refused to help me because I had a non VA loan now they refuse to help me because I am behind on my mortagage payment. I have acalled every organization including the Attorney General in my state and everyone agrees that there is a lack of financial services for wounded veterans that are pending disability but no one seems to know what to do to help. Does anyone out there have any idea where I can turn to for help my husband is working as many hours as he can but we just can't make ends meet without me working. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Oh I want to mention I have called the Red Cross as well and they have said that they cannot help me either because I am no longer on active duty I am in the National Guard and our Family Assistance people don't have any money to lend either. I feel like I just worked my whole life for nothing because we are going to lose everything. There must be something or someone out there to help veterans that are injured and pending disability? Any sugestions are welcome. My VA Claim for compensation is still pending from May of 2008.
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    How about the Veterans Services Officer(s) in your state?
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    I am a County Veterans Service Officer in IN and just found this Forum a few minutes ago. I'm not sure if you filed your claim straight to the VA or used one of the Service organizations such as the DAV, VFW or American Legion, but I would go to the VA Regional Office and directly talk to them and see if the can expeditie your claim. I don't know if the amount of money you'll receive (if you do) will be enough to make a dent in your mortgage payment or not. I wish you the best.

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