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    Just recently learned about A&A and wish we knew about it when my father in law turned 65. He's now 87 and my mother in law 83. They still live in their own home at the moment. We are trying to decide whether they should move to an assisted living facility or stay where they are while making modifications to assist their mobility.

    Your website has been incredibly helpful. I have a couple questions. Do you know the percentage of denied applications, i.e. what are the chances that my FIL would be denied any kind of pension? Of course, we'd apply for all 3 levels. Can we use the pension to pay for accessibility features such as chair lifts which I believe are considered unreimbursed medical expense.

    Thanks for your work.
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    I can tell you from my Uncle's experience....he is a Veteran and 88 years young. He's legally blind & needs a wheelchair now. The VA in Tampa, FL has put a ramp into their home, given him an electric wheelchair and installed a lift in their car. He's also gotten some assistance with his computer but that may have been with the House of the Blind or something like that. I do know the VA has been very generous with their help for him.

    For my Mom's A & A claim, it was denied once but only because the VA had filed under the wrong thing. I resubmitted telling them their mistake. It's taken nearly 3 years to get approved but it was, that's the important thing! There is probably someone in your area that could help you file the paperwork. The man that helped me said it was important to word things properly so it wouldn't get rejected. You might call one of the Assisted LIving places where you live to see if they have the name of someone that helps with the VA Assistance. It was free, only out of the goodness of his heart! What a blessing he was!
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    Well, we are glad you found us now!

    They have to be paying for care either in the home or in a facility.

    I don't know what their financial situation is, but that plays a big part in this on all three levels. Speaking of all 3 levels, you don't apply for all of them. You select which is appropriate for their circumstance. You will create a big mess is you applied for all three levels.

    We don't track or have access to information regarding percentages of denied applications. What is more important is that they meet the need for care, they are not over income for the means test, they really need and pay for care, and it leaves them at zero or negative after paying for care and services. You can use the money to make modifications in the home, but highly recommend you keep that to a minimum, but these expenses are generally considered "unreimbursed medical"

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for your kind words about my efforts through VeteranAid.org
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    Thanks for this info. Follow up questions:
    MiataDriver - how did you go about getting the VA in Tampa to provide all these accessibility items in your uncle's home? My FIL does not have any service related issues. We are just trying to take advantage of this pension in order to help them pay for things they really can't afford.

    vetadmin - thanks for the clarification about applying for a specific level. They will need the housebound level. What do you mean by keeping the amount of pension money spent on home modifications to a minimum? We are looking at possibly spending $12K on stair lifts in their condo complex and it would nice to use at least some of the pension to offset this out of pocket expense.

    Thanks again!
  5. MiataDriver

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    I'm sorry I don't have that information about getting the VA to make modifications. I think they just started going through the VA hospital to get things done. It did not have anything to do with the Aid & Attendance part. Check with your local VA hospital to see if there is anything that could be done.

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