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    I am currently applying for a VA Pension and A&A for my 81 yr old dad. I have been told he well qualifies for both. I don't understand exactly what his income will be or how this whole thing works...currently his yrly Social Security income is 15,000.00 No assests and yrly medical expences that far exceeds the limit replace his Soc. Sec .
    Will his Pension check replace his soc.sec. check ? Is A&A an additional monthly check that goes with his pension ? We need income help to care for dad in our husband currently stays home to care for him. I have also put him on the Medicaid Waiver list to help get income to care for him at home so my husband can workneeded... He is not yet to the point where he needs to be in a nursing home just needs at home daily care
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    There's no way to provide an answer to your question regarding how much he will receive from the VA without knowing his amount of income and his expected medical expenses. Also depends if his wife is still living or not.

    The VA's pension has three levels of entitlement. These are: basic; housebound; aid and attendance. Entitlement is based on the severity of their overall health and if they are in a nursing home; assisted care or in needed of care at home.

    There is only one check issued. The claimant must be eligible for the basic pension before the VA can consider one of the two higher level of pension benefits.

    You may also want to check out the website

    Hope this addresses some of your questions.

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