Independent Living Eligibility

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    I just received the email from veteranAid about the possibility of getting the A&A benefit and be in independent living. The email is stating that the applicant just needs to show proof that he/she requires a modified environment to live in. That is good to know, but would this proof be best explained on the statement in support of claim? Or should there be another way to show the proof on the application?
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    Good question! We are not sure of the exact way to best show proof that it is a modified environment. Using the Statement in Support of Claim form would definitely be encouraged, but there may also be ways to show how this environment is "modified" in a way that requires them more money to afford care. A wheelchair ramp is one example (you could have a bank statement that shows this purchase). I wish I had a better answer, but at this time we're just not sure what exactly the VA is looking for. The important thing is, we do encourage people to apply if they are in independent living as long as they can show in some way that they are in a modified environment.
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