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    Well I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have a 51 y/o brother who lives out of state and has been approved for A&A. It will greatly increase his monthly pension. At this time, I already have a durable POA in place between him and I, which the VA does not recognize. So now I am waiting for the VA form appointing me fiduciary.....does anyone out there know what I should expect from here on? Also, I was told by a social worker in the VA that automatically if he assigns me as his fidicuary he will begin recieving the increase in his pension and it will be retroactive back to when the claim was this true???? :-\ :-\
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    The effective date will go back to the date the claim was filed. Your brother can sign a statement that he has no objections to a fiduciary being appointed. Without that statement, the VA will have to notify him that a fiduciary is being proposed and he has 60 days to file any objections. The VA will not take any action until the 60 days is up unless they get the statement from him, stating that he has no objections.

    The VA will send a field rep out to meet with you and go over what has to be accounted for and to determine if you are capable of handling his affairs. This could take some time to complete so you may want to have your brother submit a statement requesting that his payments be made to him until a fiduciary is appointed. Without doing so would create a hardship on him.

    Hope this addresses your concerns.

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