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    I am the daughter of veteran who served in the Vietnam War twice. My father suffers from PTSD and severe dementia. His wife, my mother has mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease. They live alone. I am the only child. I have been providing care to them since May of 2012. September 2013, my father's condition worsened. He became incontinent. I have hired sitters to help with his care. Now, April 2014, my father is still incontinent, has weakness in both legs (unable to walk some days without assistance), does not bathe, dress, or feed himself. I was told I could receive aid and attendance benefits. I am adding an addition to my home to bring him and my mother home with me. I have form 21-2680, but what other forms do I need to fill out? Also my father receives 100% disability for the VA. I have been appointed his legal guardian by the VA. Who do I contact to find out what other forms he has already completed so I do not make duplicates? My father handled all of his business from the VA until 2011 when he became severely impaired with dementia. Please help. Thank you
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    The VN conflict can be very confusing.

    8/64 - 5/7/75 it does not matter where the vet served.

    2/28/61 - 8/4/64, the veteran would have to have been "in-country" (in Vietnam) or on a ship off the coast of VN.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks so much for the helpful advice on this forum. My father is currently receiving the Aid & Attendance benefit at $1174/month. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and because of the decline in his mental condition, at the doctors recommendation, we have moved him from his current Assisted Living facility to a dedicated Memory Care facility. Along with that move comes a substantial increase in monthly expenses because of the level of care. I contacted the VA Pension Center hotline and they suggested we fax a statement to the Pension Center from the new facility outlining his monthly charges, when he moved in, etc. Can you clarify if there any particular form or statement or required information that we should submit to expedite the review of his benefit amount. Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Is it just your Dad that is in facility care?

    Providing that it is just him, the max award for A&A for a Veteran is $1758.00

    You can use VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim to show the increase in his care expenses. You would also want a Statement of Occupancy from the new facility showing and confirming his rate of care there, date of occupancy.

    You cannot due this until he is actually a resident there and incurring the increase in care expenses.

    You should mail this Return Receipt to the Pension Maintenance Center that processed his original application.

    There really is not a "way" to expedite the process for the higher award.
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    Thanks for the super quick response. Yes Dad is the only one in Assisted Living, he is widowed. I just thought the VA hotline response was kind of vague. I had planned to send a 21-4138 form explaining things. Should I also include a statement of unreimbursed medical expenses from 2013 that I have just finished completing?
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    It's been a long few months, but I'm sure not as long as for some, so I'm grateful. My dad passed Dec 16,2013 he was a veteran of the Korean Conflict From Jan 8, 1952- March 17,1958. I received my moms award letter, I think you need to be a lawyer to figure out what they are telling us. so I will do best I can

    My mom was awarded $512.00 AanA for the month of January here SS was 608.00, then they stopped it Feb1,2014 due to excess income.
    I understand this is due to the fact SS rolled my dads benefits over to her. The VA rep here local didn't mention that I need to do a break down of income, but it really wasn't on the top of our agenda at the time, were still dealing with the pain of the loss. I had to leave work to take care of mom, now my questions.

    what it is costing my mom monthly for someone to care for her, now the question is due to mom getting only 1244.00 a month SS we never got her checks she just got her money out of the atm, it said I could send in receipts, will this be good enough, Should I send in receipts from Feb March April

    They agreed to a finding of incompetency, said will be address in the future if you reapply for pension benefits. We as family know all the about the fiduciary for we had to do that when dad was alive.

    ON the letter it states accrued benefits is being sent from Nashville Regional office what does that mean?

    any advice or help to move this now forward would be greatly appreciated.
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    Proud Vet Son -

    The VA does use age to determine if the applicant reasonably has enough to last their anticipated lifetime. What they would allow a 92-year old to have in the way of assets versus an 85-year old would be different. They would be more generous in allowances for someone who could easily live another 5+ years than they would someone they believe has limited time till the last lap is taken.
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    I'm helping my Mom apply for the non-service connected Aid and Assistance Improved Pension for my Dad, who has Alzheimer's, can't do anything for himself and is not lucid. I have prepared a Form 21-4138 as an informal claim to get the clock started on the process. Can she sign it for him? Also, do I use Form 21-527EZ or Form 21-526 to apply for the pension? They both look like they serve the same purpose. Thanks for your help.
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    I just submitted my application (certified mail) for aid and attendance and received the return receipt card dated April 24th from the Milwaukee Pension Center. It has been three (3) weeks and I have not received a letter from the Center stating they have received the claim. Should I call the Center and inquire?
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    Hi VSR, I need a question answered. My mother has been receiving DIC for 15 years since my Dad's death. She was diagnosed with Alzheimers about 4 years ago and is now getting to the point that she is spending a considerable amount of money to aid her with her daily living. She is still living in her home but needs help with everything. She doesn't cook, manage her own medications, wash clothes, or clean. My brother, sister and I handle her finances, take her to Doctor appointments, and grocery shop for her. She has a caregiver coming in 5 afternoons a week to cook, clean, and wash. Can she receive DIC and Aid and Attendance? I think that I read some where that she could not. I await your reply. If the answer is yes, then I am getting ready to file for her. Thanks so much, in advance. TLH
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    My application was received by Milwaukee and I have not received a letter either, so you're not alone.
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    I received a response today, May 19, which was dated May 14. They returned the certified copy of the discharge papers and didn't say anything else except to call if we had any questions.
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    In the woods, how many weeks did you wait till you received your response?
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    Just over four weeks. They received the application 4/18 and I received a letter from them on 5/19. The letter was dated 5/14. You should get something soon.
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    I filled out paperwork for the Aid and Attendance in April, and sent it in to the VA. It was denied. Looks like I applied for the wrong benefit. No where on the paperwork was the wording "Aid and Attendance" so I had to guess which benefit was the correct one. I guessed "Dependency and Indemnity Claim" but I guess I should have applied for a Death Pension. Is that correct, and do I now have to start over, or can I just resend the information with just the proper application for a death pension? Thanks.
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    You may not have been denied because you checked the incorrect box on Question 16. To see why, please read a blog entry I wrote on the subject:


    Without seeing the denial letter, I can't answer your question on the best way to proceed.
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    Hi: Just joined the forum. I am just starting to attempt to get my Father a veterans pension. I just sent off for his DD form 214. How long does that take?
    Also I noticed that I will need to list his expenses for his assisted living facility. What form is that? I believe I saw a form for nursing but not for assisted living. Can anyone tell me which form and where i can download it? I am sure I will have more questions. But I will begin with these. waiting on his DD form 214.

    Thanks for the great forum.
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    I requested my father-in-law's DD-214 in March and received it in less than 2 weeks.

    Some people have modified the Nursing Home form for assisted living. I picked one up similar to the following at the local Veteran's Service Office. I'm still waiting for a determination on the pension. Here's a link to the form I found online at Dallas County VA: http://www.dallascounty.org/department/veterans/documents/VACareExpenseStatement.pdf

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