I process claims for pension benefits at the VA. Ask me anything.

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  1. Max

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    You list every marriage and every divorce/death for each spouse for the veteran and widow.
  2. Max

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    We do not need marriage licenses or divorce decrees.
  3. Max

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    Send the doctor's letter ASAP. That will speed things up. Otherwise, your mother will be appointed.
  4. Max

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    VA would actually consider this based on the value after taxes and fees.
  5. Max

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    VA will consider it as an asset, but they will consider the value after the taxes and fees.
  6. Max

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    Your lawyer is trying to screw you.
  7. chilero247

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    Thanks so much for being here. Where do I get the Contract and Attendant Affidavit? I think I have everything else. If a family friend is providing the care, do we need to make a contract with them. Mom pays her in cash usually because she doesn't have an account to cash checks.
  8. GrayBear

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    Hello, we are struggling through this arduous process on behalf of our WWII veteran father.
    Would you please clarify what we were told by someone else who processes these claims?
    We were told that when it comes to itemizing Medical Expenses (VA Form 21P 8416, rev. 2/2012) that "Prescriptions" and "Incontinence Supplies" (which are listed on the form) are now being rejected?
    Addtionally, any other expenses such as oxygen, wheel chair expense, hospital bed rental, etc. are also rejected?
    Is this correct?
    We sincerely appreciate any information that you can provide about this part of the Application.
  9. vetadmin

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    Sending a private message to you.
  10. Max

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    There isn't a specific form for the care expenses. You can just submit your own statement which includes the monthly payment amount, the date it started, if any of the costs are covered by insurance or Medicaid, and the services provided. That's all you need to provide.
  11. Max

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    Prescriptions, OTC medications, incontinence supplies, oxygen, wheel chairs, hospital beds, are all accepted. However, VA can only consider expenses paid after your claim is received. So if you paid and expense today and dropped your claim in the mail at the same time, the expense would be denied because the claim is received after the expense is paid. You can submit a claim and then turn in the expenses after the claim.

    Keep in mind that if your care expenses are higher than your income, the rest of the expenses don't matter.
  12. jfpcpajfpcpa

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    I just posted this in the General discussion area, and would be interested in your thoughts

    My father in law was a WW II vet. In October 2012 we filed for A and A benefits and over subsequent months received several letters saying that claims processing was backed up. He died 10/13. Funeral home notified VA and 2 weeks later we received letter that claim processing had stopped.

    We had been in touch with local congressman after about 9 months, and they sent us form to reactivate claim. In reading small print, it appears to say that any back benefits would go to spouse first, then, if deceased, to children.

    Spouse is in nursing home with Alzehimers, on Medicaid. Father in law had spent down his assets to pay for her care to level that Medicaid allowed for a community spouse, and then had been gradually eating into remainder to pay for his own assisted living. By my view he would have been eligible for the approx $2000 per month benefit, but we are not sure of that.

    As part of his estate plan, he had left all of his remaining assets to his kids, so that spouse would stay on Medicaid after he died. If his claim had been timely processed, he would have had about $24K more to leave to children.

    This does not seem fair.... seems like it gives VA incentive to wait until claimant dies... we are considering contacting media and are looking for similar stories from others.

    So the questions are.... 1) Is he eligible for back benefits? 2) If he is, is there any hope of kids receiving them instead of mom? 3) If 1 and 2 are both yes, what is the fastest way to get the benefits? Thanks
  13. ??? My father is about to turn 77 and is recently diagnosed with a motor neuron disease, likely ALS (Lou Gehrigs's disease). He is declining rapidly and needs constant care for the basics. He served in the military 10/5/1955 (date of entry) - 10/4/1959 (date of discharge) per his DD214. This was not during a time of active war as far as we know, but from reading previous posts, it seems that the definition can be complicated. Is he entitled to any veteran benefits to help offset the cost of his care? Thanks.
  14. tom602

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    Hi, I'm new to this process with A&A. My Mom is 90 was in the war as a nurse treating the returning prisoners from Carrigidor. She's going into assisted care soon, but it will be a few years before her income is low enough enough for A&A (she will be using an IRA to cover costs for a few years). Who can I talk to so I can be sure she will get coverage? I'd hate to believe she qualifies not only to find out later for some reason she doesn't.

    Her financial situation is pretty simple - the IRA (which will last only a few years), a few small pensions, and premiums for private health insurance, medical premium deducted from social security, and out of pocket medical costs.

    Thanks much! Tom
  15. vetadmin

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    From what you have shared here, financially she would be over the income limit.

    You do need to wait until she spends down some, and even then the factors will be her age, and the amount she is paying for care. Once you back that out of her combined monthly incomes, that is the figure that has to be below the threshold. If she was a WAC and served during and approved period of time, she will be good once she can meet financial requirements.
  16. momtymes3

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    I am just beginning this nightmare of helping my parents fill out the paperwork for the aid and attendance benefit. Do I have to give all my mother's information too? Doctor's, SS yearly letter etc? This is so confusing I have put it off for a year but now the rent on their facility has gone up and I am trying to pay the extra so they don't have to move. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you
  17. Laurajt

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    Almost ready to send in 21-534 for my 93 year old mother in law. Have all forms together in a binder ready to go but am concerned about one thing. She has caregivers in her home 24/7 whom she pays in cash. One is there during the week and one on the weekends. They have both signed the attendant affidavit. I can show bank withdrawals from my mother in laws account for the caregiver expense. The caregivers also provide signed receipts for the payments. Is this ok? Do I need to start paying with checks? If so, will she not receive retroactive payment for the months we paid cash? (I filled out a 21-438 months ago to get the ball rolling while we collected all of the information.) Thanks in advance for your reply.
  18. vetadmin

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    CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT pay the caregivers in cash. She has to have proof that offers an accounting of those expenses. You/She needs to write a check to these individuals.

    Good luck with the process.
  19. cam2012

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    I hope all is well!

    Please let me know if you can give me some direction on the following:

    My fathers Part B Medicare Premimums were previsouly paid by a DHS. Last July, he received an increase in his Aid & Attendance Pension. This increase put him over the income limit for assistance. Medicare is now deducting 104.90 each month for his Part B out of his Social Security. Consequently, his Social Security income has dropped by that amount. Can I now report these premiums to the VA for his as a medical expense? Do I also need to report anything to show the reduction in his income? I have just completed medical expenses for 2013 and will file them this week and needed to know what to do before I submit them. Thanks
  20. cam2012

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    One last question.

    If an adult grandchild provides caregiving to a grandparent, can any money be for this be considered an expense that can be deducted from the Veteran's income. If so, is there any specific written agreement that needs to be completed between the grandchild and grandparent? Also, what information should be submitted to the VA for reimbursement

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