I process claims for pension benefits at the VA. Ask me anything.

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    I'm not sure how to answer all of those questions, but the information on this particular website has a lot of good information pertaining to the MERs. It looks like an MER can be amended in certain situations. They are explained here with links to other info about MERs.

  2. SheilaB

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    Thank you, Kaylin. My mom's 'countable' income exceeds the $12,465 amount, which I presume is the figure used for a surviving spouse. Is that the correct amount?
  3. WFVet

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    the source column doesn't give a taxable income column my wife's PERS retirement check I'm at at loss where to
    put this monthly income and generally speaking one of us recieved wages where would this be entered only option I see is ( the other column can) you clarify this for me
  4. Kaylin

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    You're welcome. Yes, you are correct about the $12,465 for a single veteran or single spouse of a veteran. If you mother starts paying for care, she can certainly apply for the full Aid and Attendance benefit.
  5. Kaylin

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    If it is a taxable income, you would simply put the full amount of the monthly amount of the retirement check on the "monthly income" section. Since the VA works in real time with the IRS, they would be able to see this on your taxes.
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    Hello, I have a weird situation that has come up. I have been receiving Aid and attendance benefits for over 3 years now. Last year however I went with a friend to Foxwoods Resorts Casino 3 times and with their money. I hit 3 mini jackpots totaling $9140 which I handed back to my friend after each jackpot. There were documented losses off $13000 in that same time period of my friends money. The jackpots I hit were put in my name and I received tax forms for them. I received no monetary gain from the gambling. I have filed taxes now for year 2015, and I do have a concern now. The gambling winnings were placed under other income, but the gambling losses could only be placed under a schedule A under itemized deductions, which then showed me as having no taxable income. However, my adjusted gross income showed as $9140. The schedule A line of form 1040 does not show until after the line showing adjusted gross income. Will the VA look at my adjusted gross income or the 0 taxable income line on IRS form 1040 to determine Aid and Attendance benefits?

    Did I do this right? Under the old system. I would have reported the other income to my VA officer under a certain form, but was told that would be only if I had winnings totaling more than my losses during any certain month.

    Thank you for helping me out with this question.
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    Yes he can amend -

    Regarding whether a loan a can be used in this fashion, I can't be certain - I would recommend creating a spreadsheet with all of the medical bills he owes and use the First In First Out method to pay them - meaning that the oldest bills were paid off first and apply the portion of the debt payments to the bills in the order they were received.
    The provider paid would still be the physician providing the service and I would recommend the "via chase loan" they suggest.
    I do not know if it will work, but might as well give it a try.
  8. k2

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    Hi, Kaylin!

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, it is for Social Security, not V.A. claims.

    Or is there some overlap that I'm missing?

  9. k2

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    This is great news VetAdmin!

    We don't want to ask for one more penny than he's earned, but sure hope to recoup all that he's due. We'll submit the original bill plus proof of loan payments.

    Do you have any thoughts about which year's medical cap applies? Does it seem logical to you that it would be the one for the year in which loan payments were made?

  10. pixelpete56

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    My father passed away when I was 15 years old. Since he was a vet of WWII, I received benefits upon his death.

    Would my mother have to have shown financial difficulty to have received benefits as well? She is currently 101 and her memory is a bit challenged.

  11. Kaylin

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    If your father was a WWII veteran and your mother is showing financial need for help with costs of care, then she could be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit.

    Please read more on eligibility and how to apply here: http://www.veteranaid.org/apply.php

    If your father died due to service connected injuries, then your mother may also be eligible for "compensation" benefits. The Aid and Attendance benefit is a "pension" benefit.
  12. anneb

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    I mailed, signature required, with tracking, to the VA in Milwaukee, Aid and Attendance forms for my mother who is 90. They have not been delivered. They are at the post office and have been for over a week. Is this normal? Thank you.
  13. Kaylin

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    It might be smart to track down the post office it is located and make sure it has not been lost in a random pile or set aside. Call them. I know from my own experience that the postal service can be slow with packages and large letters at times.
  14. anneb

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    Thank you, it says online it will returned to sender in 15 days if not claimed. I will try to call.
  15. jf78664

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    I am in the process of filling out the paperwork for Aid and Attendance for my Mom. I am going to file form 21-0966, Intent to file a claim... while I gather all of the information for the application. My question is can I sign the form (line 14A) as my Mom's representative? She has Alzheimer's and is in an assisted living facility and cannot sign her name legibly.

  16. Kaylin

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    There is actually a VeteranAid.org blog post topic on this question that will give you the right answer here:
  17. jf78664

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    Do witnesses need to sign verifying the X or thumb print?
    Thank you for your help...Johnny
  18. Kaylin

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    Yes, have the two witnesses sign and provide their addresses. If there is not an exact spot for the signatures, you can add them with the "X" from your mother on a cover letter for the entire application.
  19. pixelpete56

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    If she remarried a non veteran and that second husband paste away does that exclude her from the Aid and Attendance benefit? I go the feeling that it did exclude her.

  20. Kaylin

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    Ah, I see. Yes, you are correct. Unfortunately, if your mother remarried and he was not a veteran than she would not be qualified for the Aid and Attendance benefit. I am sorry for the confusion and the news.

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