How to get my moms aid and attendance increased

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by caspersmom, Sep 2, 2010.

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    My Mom who had a stroke and uses a walker is recieving a very small amount fromA&A that does not nearly cover the cost of her care.
    She now lives with me full time and I care for her with the adittion of a women that comes in and helps with daily tasks and drives her on erands for whihc my mom needs help with the walker as well. Can I apply for an increase if I start documenting that I care for her daily as well.
    She has developed COPD as well can that help me raise her amount? She only gets 83 a month which is not to helpful.
    How would I go about applying for an increase?
  2. vetadmin

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    It is based on her medical on-going expenses versus her monthly income.

    In order for you to claim the expense of you providing care, she would actually have to pay you an agreeed upon amount for your care. You can't claim an expense if you are not really incurring it.

    What you need to do is determine her "countable" income. What she has left each month to live on after all allowable expenses have been paid.

    Please see the formula below to determine this figure.

    To apply for an increase, you would use 21-4138 (Statement in Support of Claim) to show the increase in expenses to be considered for more of the pension.
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    Thanks for your help. SInce my Mom lives with me I do provide daily care since she cant drive and needs help with medications etc. Her medical bills have gone up since I applied so I will get that form and try to get an increase. Thanks

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