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    Hello Everyone -

    I submitted a claim in May of 2012 and I am still waiting on a decision (Pending Decision Approval) from the VA. It has been in this status for approximately one month (maybe a day or two shy). The status page states that they never received my VCAA or the requested records from my previous reserve unit. When I spoke with the VA rep about this, he informed me that they had everything they would need, and that their system did in-fact displayas having received the VCAA and records from unit, and an award amount is in the system, but pending FINAL approval. He further informed me that ebenefits is not a VA sponsored website, but a DOD website. My questions are - 1)in general, how long does a claim stay in the pending decision approval phase, and 2) how can I find out if the VA has all the documents they require?

    This statement, from ebenefits, concerns me: Your claim is currently located in our "Rating" phase. We will propose a decision on your claim when all outstanding requirements are satisfied.

    Guidance requested...

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    You need to contact your Senator's office and ask them to do a congressional inquiry on the status of your application.

    Problem is that with the current shutdown, it is just about impossible to reach anyone, and most of their staff is on furlough.

    Hopefully this shutdown will get resolved in the near future, and at that time, make the call.
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    Thank you for your prompt reply. I was concerned about the shutdown and claims being processed, and contacting my requesting a congressional inquiry never crossed my mind with all that is going on. Maybe I'll give them (congressional rep) a call about a month after their staffers return to work.
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    For claims that are way over the average threshold in time to process, this avenue is more times than not what it takes to get a determination.

    I agree to give it a few weeks after the shutdown for staffers to get settled back in.

    Keep us posted as you move forward on this.
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    This is just me thinking out loud, but I'm wondering if the VA that had all of these claims in the final rating segment, sent them back to gather info (that they already had) to clear them from their desks. For myself, I received a letter on Saturday saying they needed a form that they already had. It sat for 4 months in the rating phase and on Saturday I get a letter asking for an attendant affidavit that they already have? And of course no one is there to get it or sign for it. I also contacted my senator about a month ago.
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    Common "game" played by the VA, which is why I can't overstate the importance of keeping a copy of everything you send to them.
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    And send it Certified/Return Receipt!

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