How many generations does it take to get benefits?

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Should my daughter file a form for third generation benefit?

  1. How about my grandson

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  2. How about his unborn

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    My mother opened my father's VA A&A file in March of 06. Unfortunately, she died within the 30 day window of her last "it's in process" letter from VA. They closed the file. I called after finding her file in 07 - "no benefits-file closed". Took my totally disabled father to the VA in Vista, CA and also Oceanside, CA in 07 requesting them to reopen the file - no way! In 2009, I reapplied in May of 09- VA is using the same number as my mother's file from 3/06. Award granted as of 6/09. Father dies, 95 yrs old, 5/18/10 - no benefits received as yet. Field agent finally calls to see my father on 5/13/10 and schedules his apt. for 5/19/10 - do they have a crystal ball so they never have to do their job?

    I applied for survivor benefits in June of this year. This was to be a 30 - 60 day process I was told by the field agent. Receiving nothing so far, I called the field agent and he told me now the VA has a new system where they will not talk to you directly and you must contact them via e-mail. I have received 3 e-mails with the same attachment from 3 different people. I can not open the download from any of them and it's the same attachemt. Each time I respond a new person sends me the same attachment in the same format. What do I do now? and how long does this really take?

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