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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scshisler, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. scshisler

    scshisler Newbie

    I am just about ready to send in an A&A application for my father. I've spent weeks researching this program and have taken different avenues trying to compare notes on all the input I've received. Guess everyone knows what I'm going to say - yikes, it's all different!

    I've found this forum exceedingly helpful though. I have just a few simple questions that I need kind of quick answers to - if possible.

    1. I've read that some of you have gone ahead with certified copies of the various supporting documents. I've spent so much money already trying to prepare this packet. Any opinions on the certified copies pulling more weight?

    2. I was particularly encouraged by a post made by .............. where she explains that she filed her mother's application in ....... and had sweeping success with the turn around time, and the generousity of help that particular office gave her. If I was understanding her message, she was recommending that we try filing with this office - regardless of where the applicant resides. Is this true? It doesn't seem like it would be. The office that I have been instructed to send things to is "Varoic Philadelphia" in PA. Not sure what varoic means. Has anyone heard of this particular center? My parents reside in Florida....

    3. Finally, I'm afraid I have made a mistake and possibly am running the risk of derailing my parent's pending eligibility. Prior to finishing the A&A application, I was told by the ALF that they live in that I should apply 'jointly' for a Florida State program called "Long Term Care Community Diversion Waiver Program" (to keep them in the community and out of a nursing home). This is state funding that has limited availability and is currently tapped out for an undetermined time period. Would this have any impact on my dad's AA eligibility, should it actually come through?

    Any quick help would be great. I am scrambling, of course, to get this in today (before Vet's Day : ) - trying to put a blessing on the package. Thanks in advance!
  2. KarenO

    KarenO Jr. Member

    3. I believe the Diversion Program is considered Medicaid so if they got the diversion money, the A&A benefit would go down to $90. Just curious, who said the diversion program was currently tapped out - the ALF or did you speak to someone at Medicaid? Thanks.
  3. scshisler

    scshisler Newbie

    There were many sources that explained that in Florida, this "medicaid waiver" program currently has no new funding available for new applicants. There is a waiting list, though, and money comes available through what they call attrition. They explained that it's like a pipeline. Someone has to come off the funding, for whatever reason, before someone else can have it.

    My sources were very reliable, once I finally got to the top, which in Florida is CARES (Dept. of Elder Affairs). I also spoke with DCF who has said the same thing.

    Rats - it figures. I wonder what I should do now. The waiver funding - I'm not sure if it's considered medicaid or not. Worse - chances of seeing any money from it are slim to none - at least in the foreseeable future.
  4. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    You do need to send certified copies, and for FL state residents applications need to be mailed via Return Receipt (keep a complete copy of the application for yourself) to:

    Philadelphia Pension Maintenance Center
    Veterans Administation
    5000 Wissahickon Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19101
  5. scshisler

    scshisler Newbie

    Thanks for the help! Now then, where would I go to get 'certified copies', and does each and every piece of paper within the application have to be marked as certified?

    Also - about the SSA income statement. The local SS office has royally screwed up trying to get copies to us. It's been a few weeks, and still nothing, even though they keep saying they've sent them. MUST the proof of SSA income be on an actual SSA statement? Or can it maybe be highlighted on the bank statement? Perhaps copies of their SS cards would be helpful?
  6. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Discharged papers - look on the site for how to get a copy
    Marriage License - County where they were married
    Death Certificates - County death is registered

    SS cards of no value, you need their most recent SS award letter.
  7. scshisler

    scshisler Newbie

    Happy Veternans' Day!

    Thank you vetadmin - you're an angel! Just to be clear of my understanding pertaining specifically to my dad & mom:

    I will only need certified copies of the following:
    •marriage license
    •discharge papers
    •SSA statement for my dad (He's the vet. Do I need my mom's statement too since she's not a vet?)

    All other papers/forms that do not need to be 'certified', and can be submitted as copies or printout outs:
    •dad's DFAS income statement
    •dad's birth certificate
    •mom's certificate stating her citizenship (she was born in Canada by accident - and so she had to eventually be naturalized in Maine)
    •computer print out of checking & saving account statements
    •computer print out of pharmacy expenses purchased online with Express Scripts

    I am also curious about providing/indicating proof of medical expense for Medicare part b. Should I assume that they will automatically look for this info on the SSA statement?

    Prior to being at the ALF, they had help in the home through a FL state medicaid program. They paid $78 each month for this help. The only proof I have of these payments is on the checking account statements where it shows the automatic monthly debit. Can I simply highlight and label this debit? Moreover, I'm wondering if this is even something to show the VA, since it's an expense that won't continue in the ALF. Thoughts?

    What about dental expenses. Non-routine dental surgery? And vision expenses. Should these be included as well? And if so, do I just make copies of the actual receipts of payment?

    I am SO glad to find this group of people - particularly you, vetadmin. You are a cheerleader for us. Go team!
  8. KarenO

    KarenO Jr. Member

    Thanks for the info Schisler - I was just going to start looking into the diversion program for my mother. Disheartening to hear there is a waiting list.
  9. scshisler

    scshisler Newbie

    Hi Karen. It was disappointing for me too, but still really you should go ahead and do it. Where are you in Florida?
  10. caregiverx2

    caregiverx2 Newbie

    I'm I to understand that "Florida" applications are sent to Phil,PA?
    Am I reading that wrong?
    Orlando, Florida
  11. jpez

    jpez Full Member


    VA only reduces the Pension if you are IN (you know, IN) a Nursing Home.
    The Waiver programs are designed to keep people UOT of NHs.
    THe Medicaid program CAN be recieved at the same time as VA PENSION-Aid & Attendance.
    THe issue is always: HOW MUCH NET INCOME IS SPENT ON CARE. So if the Waiver/diversion program pays 100% of the cost, then there have to be 'other' CARE expenses that reduce the net income.

    ALL application should be sent to where ever Vetadmin says.
    Frankly, with over half the processing centers shredding new apps, I send only to St Paul.
  12. KarenO

    KarenO Jr. Member

    Schisler - I am in the Tampa Bay area. I guess I will go ahead and apply for it anyway. I'm just concerned my mother will need to go up an extra level at the ALF soon and we are already strapped and may need to go the nursing home route.
  13. scshisler

    scshisler Newbie

    Hi jpez. You sound VERY knowledgeable and experienced with this. Thank you so much for the help. We are in Florida. Would it make any difference if I sent to St. Paul instead of in Philly, which is where the VA (and vetadmin) has instructed me to send it? Of course I want it in the safest and most efficient office possible - don't we all? ;)

    As for the 'certified copies'. Boy - am I confused and feeling very insecure about it. I've read different advice in all different places. I originally read that 'copies' (which I took to be any old copy I could run off) of the DD214 could be sent. So I didn't order the 'certified copies' from the VA. I've also read that some folks send in the darned originals - which honestly are on paper that has deteriorated to the point of being like parchment. I'm tempted to just send those in with everything else right now, and have my dad order the certified copies from the VA in the meantime. Maybe we'll get the originals back, maybe not. At this point, I think the originals have more sentimental value than anything else. So if we didn't get them back - oh well.

    And, just to clarify. I DO have an SS statement of income for my dad - straight from the SS office. So no sweat about that. What I don't have at this moment, is a statement for my mom's SS income. I do have her 1099 from 2009. I also have his 1099 from 2009. Are you saying that the 1099's are accepted as proof of SS income? Even though they show income for 2009 and not 2010?

    Perhaps I will send in his SS statement for 2010, and her 1099 from 2009....

    Additionally, I had gone ahead and made copies of my dad's birth certificate, and my mom's certificate of citizenship (which she got here in the US because she was mistakenly born in Cananda). Is it critical to submit these as well - and if so, do I have to get 'certified copies' of them or notarized copies, or are just regular old copies OK?

    Cripes - it seems that I'm going way overboard with little details. But I don't want this to get slowed down - of course.
  14. jpez

    jpez Full Member

    I amswered part of this in your other post.
    I work in CA and TX. I send all my Pension apps to St Paul.
    BUT vetadmin is pretyy much on top of the national picture. I would send it were she says.

    good luck

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