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  1. LuvBug

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    Hoping for any help. We applied for A&A for my great aunt (age 95) late last year. Two weeks ago she received paperwork stating she was entitled to aid and attendance retro back to September 27, 2013 but that was all we received. We did fill out paperwork and it was mailed this past Monday stating what she pays out for medicine, supplies, help etc. do we need to wait until they receive that paperwork to determine the amount she will get a month. It is so confusing and we have filled out endless paperwork. Praying we have done everything correct. I was so happy to see that letter but when we called the VA today the man really couldn't give us any answers.
  2. vetadmin

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    Congratulations on getting through the application process!

    Did any letter come stating that she had been found mentally incompetent?

    You should check her bank account to see if a deposit has been made for the monthly pension award, which would be coming for May.

    You should get another letter her shortly telling you the amount of the award.
  3. LuvBug

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    She was found mentally competent (which she is). That information was with the paperwork stating she was entitled to A&A. Along with those papers were papers we filled out wanting to know what was paid out since September 27, 2013. I just mailed that information this past Monday. Nothing has been deposited as of yet.
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    That means that all the accrued monies will be deposited and not withheld pending the Fiduciary process. You are very lucky on that count.
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    Is the time limit for the letter stating what she will receive a month just as long as the process was to wait for an answer on A&A? Right now everything is being paid out of pocket ( her money and also family helping to pay) for her care and supplies. Just not sure how much longer we will be able to do that.
  6. vetadmin

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    No, there is not a limit, but if you don't have something at the end of two weeks, you should call back.
  7. LuvBug

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    Almost a month since we received the letter stating my great aunt was eligible for A&A. Almost two weeks since we mailed the information they wanted on what was paid out from September till now. So frustrating....I thought for sure when we received the letter stating she would receive A&A that there would be something in there about what she would receive. In the meantime.... We had applied for the PA waiver program(months ago) and wouldn't you know we received word she was approved for that. I called the waiver program to tell them that she had been approved for the A&A program but that was all I knew. I'm not sure if she would be able to have both and the A&A would be so much better for her. We would be able to continue to have the help that we have now (she loves this person and works well with her). The waiver program told me to just "sit on it" until we hear more. I'm lost...don't want to do something wrong and lose A&A.
  8. VA Legal Team

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    What you are describing is pretty unusual. I've seen a lot of award letters, and I've never heard of the VA a) not giving the award amount and b) asking for medical expenses like that. Of course, I don't know everything.

    If you could post the few pages of the award letter, myself and vetadmin could probably give you more information.
  9. LuvBug

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    How do I post the letter? I could take a pic of it but can I post that?
  10. vetadmin

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    Love Bug,

    Scan it and email it to VA Legal Team

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