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  1. chastill

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    My mother is a military dependent who has a sitter and i live with her but i must work. Money for the sitter will run in about 1 month and i know she qualifies for this program but is there anyway to get this benefit faster? She is 82 years. i really need help really bad to help her. Is there fast solution?

  2. vetadmin

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    If you have read this forum, then you know that if there was a "fast" way that everyone would have taken it. We are sorry to say that the VA does nothing fast. You can request expedition due to her age, but that is not a guarentee. Would recommend that you get the application in as fast as possible to start the clock.

    Sorry to not be able to offer a better answer for you, but you need to be prepared for this process.
  3. chastill

    chastill Newbie

    Looks like praying is the only process there is.
  4. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    It always help to pray!! Sometimes an application goes through without a hitch and other times folks are waiting months. So yes, pray. Does your mom have any mental incapacities?
  5. chastill

    chastill Newbie

    She has Altzimers but its only her short term memory thats affected by it. She has had 3 falls and the last one was a broken hip and she had a half of a hip replacement. She as other problems also but her Docter does not want her alone at home at any time. I have filed bankruptcy in her name and that is in the process. I want to keep her house so i can take care of her. I wont put her in a nurseing home. We have 2 incomes mine and hers but its a struggle trying to pay the sitter at $500.00/weekly.
  6. vetadmin

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    This is going to raise the issue of a Fiduciary having to be appointed, which is going to add time to this process. I sent you a personal email that you need to check.
  7. chastill

    chastill Newbie

    I got your email. What is the issue of a Fiduciary having to be appointed? Whats that mean?
  8. chastill

    chastill Newbie

    I have a General Power of Attorney and i am responsible for everything.
  9. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Please read the FAQ's on the home page of the site regarding POA and the VA. The VA does not recognize POA. They operate off a Fiduciary system. Since your mom has deminished mental capacitiy, they are going to rule that she is not competent to handle her own financial affairs, and you will have to request to be appointed her Fiduciary and meet with a Field Agent for an interview. This will delay the process. Just because you have POA over her affairs will not be acknowledged by the VA. It is a completely different process. Sorry.
  10. pologal1979

    pologal1979 Guest

    i hate recommending this, but contact your congressman. cases with congressional interest get pushed thu faster.

    i hate recommending this because it really is more of a political game. the congressman wants your vote, so they push to get your claim done faster. i would also tell people, this is NOT they way to go for EVERY claim out there. i would only recommend this route if you are in honest dire need of a decsion.
  11. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Totally agree with this.
  12. JAR

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    It did help in my plead old age and medically frail...John McCain helped..but you need to call the political people in your state.
  13. pologal1979

    pologal1979 Guest

    thats good to hear. in your case, a congressional interest was warranted. especially because mom is very old and you needed the financial assistance asap. i am honestly happy for your mom. i hope she is getting good care and wish her the best. this is why i do this job.

    VA pension is meant to assist people like her and other veterans and their widows in need.

    compensation is another benefit entirely, but it is also an important benefit. sometimes that benefit is also abused. you wont beleve what conditions they claim as "service connected" - hangnails, current illnesses that obviously have nothing to do with their time in service, etc.

    the problem is that people out there do not really understand what these VA benefits are for and what it takes to be qualified for them. that is why i am glad that these sites exist and i can tell there are other members of VA and their supporting agencies ie ALG, VFW out there to assist. i know that sometimes these benefits seem so hard to understand and obtain. i wish it were simpler but really, the laws in place that govern these benefits are meant to protect the people who are really entitled to them.

    again, please do not use your congressman unless it is really honestly warranted. just because you want your medical expense report or claim for a/a processed faster doesnt mean you need to call the congressman. congressionals are really not appreciated by VA employees as they typically are not warranted. most are from people who are OK financially when in reality, their claim is not of an urgent nature.

    i agree with congressional inquiries that are warranted. we are all human and sometimes make mistakes. sometimes a claim is lost or cancelled from the system in error. sometimes the claim sits on a desk for a loooooog time and is never worked or sometimes an individual needs assistance asap in order to get the care the claimant needs. or even sometimes there are issues with a claim that do not seem to be getting resolved timely or the vet is not getting a logical or clear explanation of their benefit entitlement. these are true congressional interest issues. if the va drops the ball and you cant get anywhere by just calling va toll free, then a call to the congressman may be warranted OR the use of IRIS inquiries. see for info on that. those IRIS inquiries are also worked on priority basis.

    sorry to get on a soap box, but that is what i think. obviously i do this for a living and i actually care enough to jump on this site from time to time and offer simple answers to questions. i do hope i can be of assistance and am truly helping people understand the system.
  14. kayellen

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    Look for Eldercare services or Senior Information or Human Resources. Someone that can help you fill out the paperwork for FREE. Because the law states it is unlawful for anyone to charge a veteran or dependent for these services. The law also keeps people that need assistance from getting benefits.

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