Help with VA Form 21-526 Step-by Step "Checklist"

Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by glenpierce, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. glenpierce

    glenpierce Newbie

    I just finished filing out the VA Form 21-526 using the step by step guide but the last sentence in the guide refers to a checklist to be sure the correct documents are attached and in proper order but I can't find the checklist can someone help me find this "Checklist"?
  2. Fit2009

    Fit2009 Sr. Member

    I think they are referrign to the instructions - they do not provide a complete document checklist like you can find on this website.
  3. jpappas755

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    As a precautionary measure....

    If you are desiorus of becoming the "representative" , you must also complete a VA 21-22(a) AND a "fee staement" stating that neither you or your loved one is receiving and or paying any compensation to complete the A & A paperwork.

    Good luck!


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