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    I am getting together information to help my 82 year old mother (living in an Assisted Living Facility since late July of 2011) apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit on my stepfathers service time.He was a WW II vet and passed away in 2001.He was born near my mother back in the 1920s but moved away to another state before joining the army in 1943.Once out of the army he settled in Michigan and was married there and raised a family.My stepfather and Mom got in touch in the 1990s after both had lost their spouses.They married in 1994 and he relocated to the state where my mother lives.I only knew him about the last 7 years of his life when he and Mom ended living near me.We have obtained his discharge papers.There are some questions on form 21-534EZ I basically have no clue how to answer.

    Question 5. Has the veteran or surviving spouse ever filed a claim with VA? Since we do not know should we just fill it out anyway?

    Question 16: What are you claiming? DIC, Death Pension, or Accrued Benefits.

    I am assuming we are filling out for the pension with additional money for aid and attendance?

    Section II of the form--I do not know whether or not to fill any of this section out since I do not know if he had ever filed a claim or was receiving benefits.

    Section III I am assuming she will need to fill out this section since my mom and stepfather were each married to another before each other?
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    #5 It doesn't matter about the vet, this would be by your Mom, and she never made application put n/a

    #6 The Aid and Attendance level of Improved Pension

    She will more than likely need to prove either by death certificates or divorce degrees showing they were legally married, and that she is recognized as his widow.
  3. Max

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    As long as the marital history on the next page is complete (number of marriages, month/year, and location of each prior marriage and divorce), no marriage certificate or death certificate is required.
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    I am assuming you mean question 16 in Section I instead of question 6? If so the only block I would put an X in would be by Death Pension and write in Aid and Attendance Level of Improved Pension in that space somewhere? Hopefully it is ok to write additional notes on the pages to include
    additional information?

    Earlier this month to get the process started I helped my mother submit an informal claim and I also included the Authorization To Disclose Personal Information To A Third Party form (21-0845) to have me act as her representative.

    More questions below:

    Section I.Question 14B as it pertains to telephone numbers.
    My mother has severe hearing loss and wears hearing aids which help some.She does not have a personal phone in her apartment at the assisted living facility.Should I list the phone number of the facility itself,list my phone numbers since she has asked to have me as her third party that VA include in discussions about her personal information,or just inform VA she has no personal phone?

    I assume I do not fill out Section IV,Section V, and Section VI?

    Question about Section X.

    My mother is only able to pay part of her monthly rent at the assisted living facility where she lives.It is taking all of her check.I am assuming all that I list in that section is the amount that she is paying herself and the amount that is deducted monthly from her Social Security check for Medicare and also her Humana Medicare plan?
    How do I show the part of the expenses that I am paying? This includes the rest of her rent,medicines,personal items,doctor copays,etc.Should I include a separate letter or another VA form 21-4138 with the application explaining her situation?

    I apologize for having so many questions about this process.However I understand that it takes quite a while to process all the paperwork once the VA receives it.I figure if I make mistakes on the initial application it will only further delay the process which is not something I want to do.I hope to be able to do this paper work one time and get it correct so please bear with me.Thanks so much for all the help.
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    Bumping this back up for help with last questions.
  6. Max

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    List phone numbers for her ALF and you.

    List her full bill as the amount she pays. On a separate sheet of paper tell VA that you are loaning her money to pay for the ALF until the VA benefit gets approved.
  7. dec290i

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    Do you include annual expected Social Security Income in Section IX of the form?
  8. Max

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  9. dec290i

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    I just want to make sure I am clear on dealing with certain sections on Form 21-534EZ.

    If a whole section of the form does not apply to the applicants situation do I just leave the whole section blank?

    If part of a section pertains to the applicants situation and needs to be filled out then we fill out the parts needed.For those parts of that section that do not apply we should write in "not applicable." Am I looking at this correctly?

    Thankfully I am almost done and hope to mail this week.
  10. Max

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    Correct. Please write "N/A".
  11. dec290i

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    1). I hit a snag on section IX of 21-534 EZ which is expected income for the next 12 months.My mother receives a one time direct deposit in January of each year from USDA for $800.She has received the same total amount each and every year since she received the first payment in 2005.The payments end forever in January of 2014.The problem comes due to the fact that each year a portion of the $800 received is considered interest income.In 2011 the amount of that income considered interest on the 1099-INT was $110.62.In 2012 the amount of interest shown on the 1099-INT form was $83.53 of the $800.I still do not know the amount considered interest for the payment of $800 she received in January 2013 since that form has not been sent out yet.I have absolutely no clue how much of the final payment of $800 she will receive in 2014 that will be considered interest since that payment has not been received yet and the form would not come out until late 2014 or possibly early 2015.How do I handle this?

    2).When sending a copy of an ALF invoice marked paid by the facility in with an application should copies of the other receipts (and/or copies of cancelled checks as well) be included if the surviving spouse paid part of the rent and the son paid the rest of the rent? The son is also paying for prescription drugs,etc.The son is loaning the additional funds to the mother until VA benefits are received and then will be reimbursed as funds permit.
  12. Max

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    Just write down that she receives $800 per year, but that after 2014, it will cut out.

    The care expense statement from the facility is the only receipt needed.
  13. dec290i

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    What banking information needs to be sent with the application? I am assuming a copy of a bank statement and a voided check showing the routing number and the account number?

    Thanks VSR for all your responses as they have helped tremendously.
  14. vetadmin

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    Yes a copy of her most recent bank statement, and the voided check.
  15. Max

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    The bank statement and canceled check are not necessary if the application completely shows her assets and the direct deposit information is included on the application.

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