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    I submitted the paperwork for A&A back March 2012. I have received the confirmation letter from the VA on the claim. At the time of submission we were not paying anybody at the time because my father was able to be by himself during the day and my sister was living with him and at home during the evening and night. I didn't realize that I needed to show expenses being paid. Since submission my father's health has deteriorated and he is no longer able to be alone. He is no longer able to walk on his own and care for himself. I also realized that I should have asked for expedited claim since he is 85 turning 86 this month. Do I need to complete 21-4138 to include expenses now being incurred and explain the health complications we are now experiencing 7 months after submission? I recently talked to a accreditation claims agent that was recommended by a nursing home we were looking at and he was very responsive at first and looked over the paperwork submitted and informed me that my one mistake was not including expenses. He said he would help me but now he isn't returning phone calls and emails and it's been about 3 weeks. Should I contact another claims agent or should I try pursuing this myself? I work for the government and I know about red tape but this VA process is exhausting.
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    so very sorry for you..It is so sad that you did not find this site before you did you paperwork.. The same happened to us with the VSR when we filed in july 2011 and he said send in no expenses UNTIL it is approved..Well, as you can guess it was not approved because we sent no expenses and our income showed no hits...Expenses sent in May of 2012 and we are still waiting. It is so VERY sad that people do not know how to give the advice that is correct. Had it not been for this site and the help I have received, I wouldn't be this far along. I strongly suggest you listen to Debbie and the sr members..they do have your best interest at heart and go out of their way to help. Hope things go smooth for you and I am sure someone will give you a very good answer. Everything can be fixed it is just the loss of time that makes it so bad.
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    You need to complete a VA form 21-4138 Statment in Support of Claim letting the VA knows his circumstances have indeed changed and what he is paying for his care. Paying for care is what is really important here. If he has services coming in during the day while your sister is at work, and include if he is paying your sister.

    Even though he can no longer be on his own, it is the care expenses that the VA is looking at to determine if he qualifies financially.

    I would suggest after 3 weeks of no return call that you take this submission on yourself. Be sure to mail Return Receipt.

    Stonewick, thank you for your kind words.

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