Help for 57 year old Down Syndrome child of WWII Vet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 98bonga, Apr 21, 2017.

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    My dad passed last August and was almost 99. My 57 year old Down Syndrome sister has been living with me. I understand because she was "disabled" before age 18, there may be some benefits for her just like a surviving spouse. I live in another state, she is in Michigan. She has Medicaid/Medicare and receives $1300 social security, has no assets. She goes to a sheltered workshop each day. I am looking at an independent/assisted living facility that will run $2,ooo plus a month, sharing an apartment with a roommate. She is fairly high functioning, but definitely needs guidance, assistance with daily living and could never live alone or negotiate life without help. I spoke to an attorney yesterday who is sending some paperwork, then will have a meeting. From all I have been reading, it seems best to have an attorney do the application for speed and correctness. If anyone has any experience or guidance with applying for a disabled child, I would appreciate any advice.

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