Help finding an elder care attorney in Ocala, FL

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SheilaB, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. SheilaB

    SheilaB Newbie

    I know this may be a stretch, but does anyone know of a GOOD elder care attorney in the Ocala, FL area that my family can talk to about getting advice on options for our parents?
  2. veteranadvocate

    veteranadvocate Full Member

    I don't know of any personally but I did a search under Google with the following search and came up with a listing of 17. Search Results for Attorneys-Elder Law in City of ocala, FL

    You could check some of these out with the BBB or the Bar Association in that area. They should be able to give you some recommendations.
  3. SheilaB

    SheilaB Newbie

    Thank you very much. I'll do the same search and see what I come up with. Appreciate your help.

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