Getting Ready to File for A&A Pension

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tarabl, Dec 1, 2007.

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    My father, veteran, passed away in March 06. My mom, his wife(unremarried), was placed in Assisted Living in May 06 and is currently living there. I have all the documents needed ready to file. I have consulted an elder attorney who drew of a POA naming my sister and myself responsible for mom's decisions. I noticed that the VA now has a POA form too. Do I need to now complete this form as well or will our medical/financial POA cover this?
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    The VA does not recognize a court appointed POA. You can use the VA form 21-22a to represent her in the claim processing. Once the VA approves the claim you can use the court appointed POA in support of your request to be made fiduciary for her.

    I would not mention the fiduciary issue going in with her application because that can slow the processing of the application immensely. The VA will have to send a filed rep out to interview her and the individual that is being appointed fiduciary.

    As long as the checks are going to her or direct deposit, you have POA to handle her business.

    Just my recommendation.
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    thanks for the help. I'm learning my way through this process and don't want to mess up our chances of it going through without too many delays.

    Thanks again.

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