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  1. I'm about ready to file, but have a couple of questions:

    1. I mailed in an intent to file on Aug. 8th. I have received no response yet, so I don't have a VA file number to put on Dad's forms. Should I wait for this number, or go ahead and file?

    2. I requested a copy of Dad's discharge papers and received a Form 13038, not a DD-214. The cover letter states that Dad's original records were likely destroyed in a 1973 fire. Will this form be accepted by the VA? I have Dad's original WD AGO 53-55, but want to keep it. Do I need to send a notarized copy of the 53-55 with the 13038?

    3. This site's "What to include with the application" page lists a Nurse Home Statement. Dad lives in an ALF. Do I need to include an affadavit from the owner of the ALF where Dad's lives in the initial application? Can the Nursing Home Statement be used for an ALF?

    4. Just verifying: I DON'T send in form 21-22a. I DO send in form 21-0845..

    This forum has been invaluable. Thank you.
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    Don't worry about a claim number. Use his SS#. It would be too soon to hear anything back on the Informal Claim, so don't worry about that.

    You can send the 13038, and you can also get a certified copy of the AGO. Just include a statement that "This is a true and accurate copy of original document", and have that notorizied.

    Get a Statement of Occupancy from the ALF to include in the packet. The ALF should have those on-hand.

    NO, do not send the 21-22a. Send the 21-0845.

    Glad we have been able to help, and good luck with the process. Be sure to send Return Receipt to the proper Pension Center for your Dad's state.

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