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    Just had to tell all of you that my father, the veteran, has been awarded the VA pension!!! It's been a long 6 months but I finally, finally got the answer we were looking for. Here's the story: I started calling the VA on a weekly basis and on several different occasions and getting several different answers I finally spoke with Ms. Campbell, a VA rep. She was so very nice and said she was so sorry that my father had not heard something sooner because his medical status had been approved in November of 2011. She asked me to hang on while she wrote some comments in the computer to the processing department informing them that this claim should have been done months ago. She gave me a reference # and told me if I did not hear from someone in 5 days by telephone to call back. Well, lo and behold, I received a call the next day. The rep asked me a few questions and told me that my father would receive his first monthly check for the full amount on April 1, 2012 and he would receive the retro payments in his account by the end of this month!!! I was so overjoyed!!! After 6 months of waiting things are FINALLY happening for my father. Please, anyone who is in the waiting game, please do not give up. In the end it will be well worth it for your veteran or spouse. A BIG "THANK YOU" to Debbie for all of her hard work and helping our veterans get the help that they so deserve. My father expresses his thank you as well Debbie and a donation will be on it's way. Your mother would be so very proud of you for all that you do. God Bless you. KIM :)
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    What wonderful news for you and your Dad!!!!

    Your news makes what I do so worth it, and makes my heart smile. I can look up and know my parents are smiling back.

    You tell your Dad for me "Thank You for your service to our country", and I'm glad to be a part of honoring that service!

    From one daughter to another, you're welcome.

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