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  1. Well, I've only just started and have a question about Part I where I input my Dad's mailing address and contact information. I am so thankful for this forum!

    All of Dad's statements, bills, etc. come to my address (I live 500 miles away) because I handle all of his business and I mean that literally. But the VA does not recognize POA, so I'm thinking that if I put my address that would be a bad thing. Dad won't understand any documents that come his way and they will have to be forwarded to me from his home address (where he no longer lives) or the assisted-living home that he just moved into a month ago. The same goes for the phone number - we cut off Dad's cell phone just last week; he will have to be called at the assisted living home, but he won't understand any detailed information.

    But I guess if I send in a 21-22a where Dad assigns me as his representative, then that will solve the problem and the VA can then communicate directly with me?
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    A 21-22A or 21-0845 will allow VA to share information with you, but not take information from you. I would still use your address though. If you need his signature for something, you can just fax it over to the assisted living facility and have them fax it back to you before you send it in to VA.

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