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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katmandu, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Katmandu

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    I need to change my mother's claim for aid and attendance in an assisted living facility to the homebound benefit. The application has already been submitted and a letter of acknowledgement of receipt was sent to me. Since I've moved my mother out of Asst. Living and she is living with me, her expenses include at home care, etc. and I need to let the VA know the change of circumstances. Anyone know the "Best" way to do this without totally screwing everything up? Thanks . . . again.
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    Your Mother can and should still be entitle to Aid and Attendance even though she is at your place. You still have medical expenses (in-home health care) to off-set her income. I recommend you not do anything at this time and let the VA make a decision on the claim. When she receives the approval letter from the VA there will be a notation to notify the VA of any changes in income and situation. There's a form that you can submit to adjust her income and expenses, at that time. You can also notify the VA at that time of her change in status from the assisted care facility.

    If you try to make any changes now, you will generate an extensive delay and an abundance of paperwork, not to mention the confusion to the VA.

    If her mailing address is different from what was on the application she should submit a change of address to make sure she does not miss any correspondence from the VA.

    This is not in any means defrauding the government because she is not receiving any benefits from the VA and she will be notifying them upon receipt of approval. At the time of the application, everything was correct at the time of the application.

    Hope this is of some help to you.
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    This is what I had planned to do, but just wanted to make sure I was following the rules correctly. From the information received from everyone on this forum, changing my mom's application in mid-stream did not seem like a very good idea. All of my mother's SS Income and my dad's military retirement goes from her account into my account and I pay for everything. We have home health aids, companion service, incontinent supplies, as well as the money she pays directly to me to take care of her (instead of placing her in assisted living). I quit my job to stay at home to care for her. It is my understanding that this will count towards an expense for caretaking. If anyone has any information pertaining to homebound care, I'd appreciate anything that might help. Thanks again for everything.
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    If the veteran/widow is in an 'assisted living facility' they are referred to as residents. If they are in a nursing home, they are referred to as a patient. The level of pay is the same, based on countable income. If the medical report was completed and submitted with the application, it will be the same for nursing home, assisted living and/or in-home care. The only issue is the medical expenses to adjust countable income. This can be done once the claim is approved and the VA will make the necessary adjustments. Until the claim is approved, there is nothing to adjust.

    The claimant needs to notify the VA as soon as the claim is approved in order to avoid any overpayments due to the change in medical expenses.

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