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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by David Boyd, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. David Boyd

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    My wife and I are attempting to apply for benefits for her 92 year old uncle who needs VAA. The VA sent him a 'file' number/application number after we sent in his 'intent' to file on his behalf. Unfortunately he has lost track of this piece of documentation (we live across country) after receiving it. Is there any way to recover this number?
  2. Saltglass

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    Most likely, just send a letter and explain what happened or go online to your account and retrieve the info!!
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  3. Jandy

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    Hi David Boyd,
    I would give the VA Pension Management Center a call. Others here may disagree with how productive that is, but I had really good experiences when I called them for a couple issues when I was filing for Aid & Attendance for my father. I believe it's one number, no matter which region you are in: 1-877-294-6380. Have whatever info you do have on your uncle handy: Social Security#, Service #, date inducted, date discharged (you can get these last 3 items off his discharge papers). I always called early in the morning and had good luck.

    Here's one other thought: see if your uncle has a "Claim No. Identification Card"--this would've been issued at some point after he was discharged from the military. After I filed for and received the A&A benefit for my father, I was going through some of his old papers. Stuck in there was a tattered, wallet-sized card issued by the Army. Along with other basic info, it had his "C-No. (Claim No.)" on it. I never even knew this existed, but the VA obviously was able to match it up when I applied for the A&A benefit for Dad since the "C-No" on this old card is the exact same file number I was given after I filed the "Intent to File" for A&A....Just a thought.

    Best of luck to you!
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  4. Jandy

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    Oops, I also should've added this: if your uncle has ever applied for VA benefits before, I believe the the File/Claim # is always the same. See if your uncle has ever applied for benefits before and look at those documents for a file #.
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  5. Honor First

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    The claim number would be the veterans social security number.
  6. jscott

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    I hate to contradict someone, but the "VA File Number" is not the veteran's SSN. As David Boyle said, there is a VA File Number assigned. For example, the Vet's SSN goes in Block 2 of the VA application form 21-534EZ and the VA File number goes in Block 6.
    If you don't have it, call the VA office to which you mailed your intent letter (e.g., Philadelphia office , etc.). With the veteran's SSN, they should be able to find the VA File Number.

    Make sure your mailing address is correct. If you receive a status letter (which you may not since you filed an Intent letter) that always has the claim number.
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  7. Honor First

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    Only relying on a VA letter I received on January 11, 2017 in which they stated "In reply, refer to: File Number followed by my social security number.
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  8. deanyj

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    The File No. for my uncle was his social security number. It is referenced in all his mailings. The only benefit he applied for was A&A.. May be different if there is another claim from the past. Even so, the VA should be able to locate the file with his social number
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  9. Honor First

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    I made a mistake when I submitted the "intent to file" form for A&A for my Vietnam era veteran brother. I somehow claimed to be seeking to be the recipient of the A&A. I went to the VA website and found a "contact" tab, so I clicked on it and sent an email clarifying that I was filing for my brother, not me. Within a few days I received a very good and clear response.
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  10. Kaylin

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    That's good to hear!

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