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  1. lamline

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    My Mom has been receiving the A&A spouse benefit for the last year (2015).
    Does she have to re-apply or prepare any supporting documentation for future benefits?
    If so, what is it?I have seen conflicting info on the "EVR" being required again.
    Thank you very much for any info.
  2. Kaylin

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    Currently we have not heard any updates on the VA requiring people reapply for the Aid and Attendance benefit. You are smart in keeping on top of this matter, as we do not know if they will change this requirement in the future.

    You should be alright with not preparing any documents to keep your mother currently on the Aid and Attendance benefit.

  3. vetadmin

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    The VA discontinued the EVR a few years back, and currently do not require re-certification.

    As with anything with the VA, you should keep copies of all expenses and correspondence should an occasion arise where you would need to provide any type of documentation.

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