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    I was able to get some answers over the phone, so I thought I'd post what answers I've found in case others need this, too:

    We have heard back from the VA regarding my friend who was awarded Housebound Status. Since she is legally blind, we believe she was entitled to A&A and submitted more information. They will decide soon and gave us more paperwork to fill out. They sent us 2 EVRs (one for Initial & First Calendar Years combined, and a 2nd for 2012). I have a few questions:

    1) On “all other income,” for Initial & First Calendar Year, I assume we need to include her late husband’s life insurance received, even though this was previously reported on her application and excluded from her income in her award statement. I also assume we need to explain this one-time payment in 7C & D regarding Income changes. Am I right or wrong?
    A: I've been told a couple of things, but I will include a statement to be sure
    2) For the 2012 EVR, under 7G NET WORTH, are they wanting the amount that we estimate her net worth will be on Dec. 31, 2012 or her net worth now? (I guess the same goes for the 2011 EVR, is it what it was on Dec. 31, 2011 or what it is today?)
    A: I've been told to give today's net worth
    3) On the Medical Expense Report, for recurring prescriptions, etc., do we need to list each occurrence w/ a new date each time if we purchased the exact medication at the same pharmacy? Or is a one-time listing okay? If so, how would we list the DATE (e.g., 1/1 -12/31 ?)?
    A: Here's what the manual says: The year in which the expense was paid.

    Exception: If there is an overlapping EVR period, the day, month and year must be shown for the initial month of entitlement, and the month and year for the other months in the overlapping period.

    4) They also sent Medical Expense Reports for 2012. Are we to estimate those costs based on the previous year, or do they want us to list year-to-date expenses + estimates for April – Dec?
    A: I've been told to do y-t-d actual + estimate the remainder of the year.
    5) I also noticed the letter stated the ‘Date of Claim’ was the date we submitted the additional information regarding A&A. Since she was already awarded Housebound Status last fall and her claim goes back over a year, why would they state ‘date of claim’ so recent a date?
    A: I've been told to make a statement clarifying the original claim date.

    Thanks a lot!

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