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    I hope someone out there can help me. in December/2008 we applied for A&A for my dad. His assets were listed at $34,000. At that time, he was not in a nursing home and did not have enough medical expenses to qualify for this service.

    He is now in a nursing home so we applied for A&A in December/2009. We are still in the process of going back and forth with the VA and recently got a letter from them last month asking us to fill out another EVR and medical benefits for 2009 and 2010. According to the letter it seems like a favorable decision is pending..."You reported that you paid some medeical expenses during the past year...more information is needed before we are able to adjust your award."

    When filling paperwork for the new EVR I noticed that the one from December/2009 had no assets listed - which was an error. Should I put the assets back in and clarify this error in the Statement in Support of Claim? I'm just worried that it might be looked at as "new" money which it isn't. Do you think this will set back our application process - we are so close. Has anyone run across anything like this before? Not exactly sure how/why this happened but it did.

    Thank you!
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    You just need to fix it by stating it isn’t new money, that it was an "oversight". If you qualify medically, but net worth is not high, they do send the EVR to see if maybe you qualify now…they are being good by doing it, so again state the above, and hopefully it will all work out.
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    Thank you for your quick response. Sent in all of the new paperwork with explanation so hopefully everything will turn out okay. This time we checked quadrupled checked everything so there will be no errors!
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    And kept a copy of it all right?

    Please keep us posted, and hope it all works out.
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    Quick note, if you reported $34k in assets, make sure you either report interest income or at least explain why there is no interest income.

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