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    Apologies if the below have been answered elsewhere: looked but did not find.

    My father is a vet, 91, still at home. He is bed, big chair, wheelchair-bound. Can stand on his own mostly but cannot walk and has mild to severe dimensia depending on the day. He can do nothing for himself. His wife takes care of him (she is 75) and is assisted for 4 hours a day most days a week by someone who bathes dad, dresses him, moves him around, sits with him, etc. I am exploring board-and-care homes during this holiday in anticipation of that need in the coming months.

    I (I am the son) have not yet applied for VA A&A for my dad because my parents combined assets are just above the general threshold of $80,000. Over the last year expensive, in-home care needs have increased, and this will continue into 2013 for sure, so the overage will not last more than a few more months.


    1. I have filled out the STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF CLAIM form per instructions on this site (VA FORM 21-4138, AUG 2011) so as the get the ball rolling with the VA in anticipation of filing before the end of 2013. I have NOT sent it in. Are there any reasons I should not file the form now? OR, anticipating that dad will qualify (monetarily) within 2013, should I simply start the actual, longer-form filing process now.

    2. I don't see any mention on this site or in VA instruction docs regarding joint vs individually held assets. The $80,000 mentioned as the rule-of-thumb threshold for qualification is an amount held jointly by my parents and is their entire joint nest egg, this as opposed to other applicants I've read about who have that much but are alone. Does the VA take the spouse's age and need into account when figuring the elegibility of the veteran?

    3. Because dad is 91, I am concerned that the VA's actual qualification threshold will be lower, maybe much lower. Any wisdome to share there? Should I NOT submit an application to the VA until their asset balance is lower?

    I have read much of this site and many of these posts and wish to extend my thanks for the information here (and special thanks to Debbie). This site has helped to unfud much of this process.

    With thanks in advance,

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    Hi Randall,

    I am by no means an expert, so please take my reply and suggestion with that in mind.

    Yes - send in the form to get the ball rolling. You want to send it registered receipt (or registered returned...I forget the actual term...but it's the green form from the post office that shows your form was received, the date it was received and who signed for it). Keep a copy of the form you send.

    There was an extremely helpful post I used when sending in the application for my dad. I'll see if I can find it and post an updated answer.
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    Welcome to the group. I can't answer your question but I am sure Deb or some of the senior members will. I wish you the very best and think you are one terrific son for taking such an active interest in the present and the future of your parents. Best of luck and my thoughts and prayers will be with you. Be sure and check the forums often and read the topics that Debbie has set up at the beginning of the forums. You will never find a more helpful, caring group of people that understand what you are going through. I so wish I had found the group before I made application for my husband, Debbie and the Sr members are so much more knowledgeable about the A & A than you can find anywhere else. You will also find their support an encouragement on your journey for the benefit a comfort. Wishing you the very best
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    Oh,I wish I could have said it that well!!
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    There is no harm in sending in the "Informal" claim now to start the clock on the effective date especially if you believe his care will increase over the next several months. You do have a year to submit a complete appication.

    Given that they exceed income levels at this time, I suggest waiting until expenses increase and income comes down. If you look under the Tips & Resources tab here on the forums, you will find "Countable" income which is a formula to help you arrive at where they stand from the VA's point of view.

    Yes, you do have to allow for both of their combine incomes, and no, the VA is not going to grant based on Mom being quite a bit younger.

    Dad's age is going to be an issue in that the VA will use averages to determine he has enough to last his anticipated lifetime.
    If Mom only has 4 hours a day coming in, it may be that his monthly costs for care at this time are not high enough to bring that income down enough to demonstate a "need" for the pension in order to pay for care and services.

    I hope this clears things up for you. If not, just let us know.

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