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    Oh my gosh - what is your problem Jpez??? Max, I hope you continue to post and help others on this journey. I'm at the end of mine but with Jpez criticizing every post, I doubt I'll come back on here to post about my experience. Best of luck to all who are in the process. Please feel free to private email me and I will share any info I have.
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    I think lost somewhere in this argument is the distinction between qualifying for medicaid and the right to receive AA after qualifying for medicaid.
    It appears that AA is not counted in determining whether you can qualify to receive medicaid under the medicaid income level rules. However, once you receive medicaid you lose the AA benefit (except for $90 per month). I assume the state doesn' take the benefit amount, the VA drops the benefit.
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    Medicaid laws vary from state to state. Some states try to count the $90 as income. The applicant is entitled to the $90 from A&A, but it has to be spent on personal items and not on any care expenses.

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