Does survivor spouse need to meet physical disability requirements to recieve A?

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  1. My dad was a veteran. He was receiving A& A for the last six months, while he and my mom were living in assisted living facility. He had several non service related physical issues which qualified for A&A. He died in Jan. and the A& A has ended. I am trying to get survivor spouse A&A benefits for my mom. She only has mental issues, alzheimers, vascular dementia and diabetes. Does she also need to qualify with physical issues, or does she automatically get it because he was receiving it?

    If not, is there any other VA program that could help her financially? She is still living in the assisted living facility, but don't know how long we can continue paying those cost. She only receives social security and has no savings.
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    Was your father receiving the A&A benefit for the two of them or just himself? What was his award amount? Because a veteran with a spouse, if they both need financial assistance to pay for care the maximum award amount is $2120. If the A&A benefit ended, I'm assuming he was only getting the benefit as "one veteran" not a "veteran with a spouse" since the award ended in January. If your mother was legally married to your father and she can show her financial need for the benefit, then she can qualify as well.

    Check out this page for more information on eligibility and how to apply:
  3. Yes he was receiving A&A benefit for the two of them. His award amount was $2120.00 per month. My mother was legally married to him for the entire 69 yrs. when he died. She can and did show that she is in financial need. The only problem I can imagine is that she is not physically dependent on anyone to bath, dress or feed her, (but she wasn't dependent on anyone the whole time he was receiving for both of them either). So should she still be eligible to receive A&A?
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    You will have to make a new application for your Mom as the surviving spouse.

    Currently the VA does not allow the automatic reduction in the award amount for the widow, which in my opinion is totally unfair, but it is the way of the VA.

    You need to submit a 21-534 with all the other supporting documents for her to include 21-2680 (Physician's Eval) and Statement of Occupancy from the ALF.

    Given that she has the diagnosis of ALZ, that is sufficient enough to demonstrate her need for assistance daily.
  5. Ok, thank you very much. That was the answer I didn't know, if her diagnosis of Alz would be enough to qualify her for A&A. Thank you again for all your help. I really appreciate it.
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    You are most welcome!

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