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    My 90 year old father-in-law is really very healthy for his age except he has dementia. We moved him into our home 9 months ago because he really can't live on his own(not eating,cleaning, etc). I make his food in advance and my kids take turns stopping by during the day to make sure he eats and chat so he does not get lonely but I think we need to hire someone to come in the morning and then again in afternoon, he needs more attention. Will they cover a home health aid since he can walk, bath and eat on his own (he just needs to be reminded). Another reason I want someone is he stops up the toilet and just lets it run all over, he left the house once and got lost and we all had to take off and go look for him. I feel like he is a 5 year old being unsupervised, and no putting him in a home is not an option, I would quit working before that
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    He would need to be able to demonstrate a financial need for the pension to help pay for his care. Services would have to be in place at the time of application, and those expenses would have to pretty much deplete his monthly sources of income.

    Depending on what his monthly income sources are, a few hours a day of home care may not be enough to demonstrate that. If he were to pay you or another family member to act as his caregiver along with the outside services coming in, he would be in a better position to show a financial need.
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    would love to hire kids but none are certified, 2 are in college and one will have her BSN in a year. He does have a saving as he banks his SSI and work pension because he no longer has any bills, so he could pay for most services. Home health told me it is 20.00/hour with a minimum of 2 hours, they directed us to a company who told us about this benefit but wants to charge us 2200.00 to get it. Actually how I first heard of this benefit, but then I researched and saw it was illegal (but did find your site). I want him to have the services he earned (he dropped out of high school to join the Navy) and was active duty 42-46, I just don't want to do anything illegal. I guess I am asking how you get certified to be paid, what is a reasonable charge, how do you charge when you live in the same house(when do you go off duty)
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    Caregivers do not have to be "certified". Any family member other than the spouse can act as the caregiver and be paid to do so.

    I'm glad you walked away for that company, as that is exactly what you should have done.

    The VA works off of what they call "countable income", which basically is looking at income, assets and then what care expenses are, and after paying those, where are they at the end of the month.

    You can find the "countable income" formula here on the forums under the "Tips and Resources" tab to help you have a better understanding.

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