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    I'm almost ready to send off my VA 21-534 application on behalf of my mother (a surviving spouse).

    I've included the cover letter below.
    I would love to hear your feedback on the cover letter.

    Please let me know if there are any items that I should include or even ones that I shouldn't.

    Two questions

    1. I pay for my mother's daycare service out of pocket. The agency informed me that next month the bill will go up from around $400 to $600.
    Since I haven't received the bill, and won't for a while, is it still okay to enter the $600 on the VA form as an expense even though I don't have proof,
    or should I just state the lower amount which I do have proof of?
    Or, is it worth it to wait a few weeks for the new bill?

    2. The Physicians letter states the my mother has no use of her right side limbs because of a stroke.
    So she cannot write, but I helped her sign her name... is that okay? Or should I go with the X option?

    Thanks again,

    _Cover Letter_________________________________________________________

    April 25, 2011
    Philadelphia Pension Maintenance Center
    Veterans Administration
    5000 Wissahickon Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19191
    RE: Filing of VA Form 21-534

    Dear Veteran Affairs,

    Enclosed is an application for Dependency Compensation by a Surviving Spouse (VA Form 21-534) filed by Alice [], a surviving widow of John [], a deceased U.S. Navy Veteran who served his country during and after WWII.

    I am assisting my mother in the filing of this application. My mother, [], DOB 11-[] is living on a limited railroad retirement income from her late husband and her own modest pension. She suffers from Alzheimer’s type dementia and has suffered a serve stroke. She can no longer walk, bath, eat, or dress herself without assistance.

    It is my understanding that since my mother is over the age of 70 and in such ill health, that this application will receive priority processing

    The burden of her around the clock care is shared between my sister, Dianne [], a daycare/homecare service via The Agency on Aging, and myself.

    The following documentation is included with this application to support the request for the VA Benefit which includes the Aid and Attendance allowance.

    1. VA FORMS
    • VA Form 21-534
    • VA Form 21-0845 Signed by Alice [] granting me, John ][ access to info. regarding this filing.
    • VA Form 21-2680 Physician Statement for Alice []


    • Navy Discharge Papers and copy of Navy ID cards for the deceased veteran John []
    • Death Certificate for Veteran John ][
    • Marriage Certificate for Veteran John []. and claimant surviving spouse Alice []


    • Bank Account Statements showing direct deposits of deceased veterans Railroad Retirement
    • Statement of Retirement income via Phone Company to Alice []
    • Statement from the daycare/homecare service provided by The Agency on Aging
    • Receipts for usual monthly expenses of personal care such as adult diapers, and oral maintenance
    • Year to date prescription medication expense summery provided by Walmart
    • List of doctors and hospitals visited in the last year.

    Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions please contact me on my cell phone at [2].


    John []
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    I would use her thumbprint with the signature and addresses of two witnesses.

    You should include the statement from the care provider that says that the cost of her care is going up. VA will take that information into account for you.
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    The VA will only consider medical expenses your mother pays, so you should not pay for the day care unless all of her other monthly income is going to other medical expenses. Rather, you should contribute for non-medical - housing, electric, food etc.
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    Thank you both for your advice.
    I'll have my mother put her thumb print on the application, and get a letter from the day care agency.

    Thanks again,

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