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    I've been navigating the minefield called the VA for a number of years and it never gets easier. Recently I sent a letter to my elected representatives and the new President asking why there was such a disparity between 100% disability--$2500.00 90% disability--$1400.00 50% disability--$725.00 10% disability--$110.00.

    The answer I recieved only strengthened my resolve that the govt. really doesn't know it's behind from a hole in the ground. It was stated that legislation from 1952 decided that 100% disability was much more deserving of the higher rate and that all other rates would be percentage based off 90% disability. This legislation was looked at again in 1969 due to Viet Nam and Congress once again stated that even a 90% disabled vet had a 10% chance to find gainful employment.

    I've come to the conclusion that disability pay for veterans has been the driving force for Congress to keep giving themselves raises. Screw a vet and raise our pay has been a long time mantra for Congress and it's time to end this crap right now! I'm a 50% disabled vet that recieves $725.00 a month. I've tried and can't pass an employment physical. If I could, I'm pretty sure that the Vicodin and Seroquel that is prescribed for me would pretty much blow any urinaylsis tests. But the VA keeps telling me that 50% of America is looking to hire me. Well, here I am America!! My left arm is partially paralyzed and my L2 and L3 were broken. I can't sit or stand for extended periods, I'm apt to doze off at times and keeping my attention on one thing for over 40 minutes is like asking an elephant to cha-cha.

    Any job offers just leave them here---I'll forward them to the VA to prove their right and I am employable.
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    This post is off topic, but sometimes we are able to reach out on other VA issues, so for those this does not apply to, this won't be of interest.

    Assuming your service-connected disabilities are the two conditions listed in the posting (left arm condition and back condition), we would say that you are a good candidate for an increase. There's bound to be several secondary conditions that could be related to these disabilities. Additionally, you could be entitled to a 100% rating based on 'Individual Unemployability' if you are not able to maintain substantial gainful employment due to your service connected disabilities.

    If you are interested, I can put you in touch with someone who may be able to help. It's not a job offer, but it may make a difference for you.

    We by the way appreicate and thank you for your service.
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    Thank-you but I already have the VVA and local vet rep. handling things. I guess I was just venting a bit and got carried away. ;D
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    Hope that things will work out for you.

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