Deposit/Spending Monthly A&A benefits; waiting for fiduciary appointment

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by biekshaj, Aug 20, 2013.

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    My mother is now receiving her monthly A&A benefits as of 08/01/13. (soon to be reduced due to changeover to Medicaid.) Her retroactive benefits are on hold until I am appointed as her fiduciary. I have yet to deposit her first A&A check. I am not able to open an account for her as I am yet to be officially appointed as her fiduciary. That process has only just begun and I am learning it could be a long time before that happens.

    My question is, "may I deposit the monthly A&A check in my mother's existing checking account as we currently do with her social security check?" There is no other deposit being made into that account and all payments made out of that account are for her well-being. That account is managed by my sister who has D/POA. I know when the retroactive benefits are released they must go into a separate account managed by her fiduciary (me).

    I am being super-cautious as it makes no sense why her retroactive benefits were held due to competency concerns, but her monthly benefits are being released. I don't want this to an issue in the future, but have a need to pay some of her expenses now.

    As a note, I am grateful for this site and only wish I discovered it earlier. Even if posted topics do not completely address my questions and/or concerns, the information shared has cleared up so many ambiguous issues.
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    If the check was made out to her, you can deposit it in her account.
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    So happy to hear the site and forums have been helpful to you.

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