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    After doing trust work with my cousin attorney, filling out the application by ourselves, following the advice of our local Veteran Services Officer, and waiting 9 months, my Grandmother's application got denied!!! So frustrating....VSO said it was a "sure thing."

    Any thoughts on any of the third party A&A companies out there? Some are saying that they are non-profit, but charge mandatory unnecessary trust work to do the application, others are charging $600 financial planning fee...went to a seminar for The Association of Wartime Veterans, and they said they are the oldest organization in the country, have secured $145 million of approved benefit payments for veterans that they've worked with, and have never had a dennial. Anyone know what the "catch" is? There's always a catch.....but we need some help. My Mom and Aunt are going crazy over this.....
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    Hi DMADMA,
    Why not call and see what their situation is? Unforutnately, most people cannot sit around helping people all day at no charge - if they are non-profit, they should have folks on staff to help.
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    What was the reason for the denial? Was it monetary or did they say she didn't qualify medically?
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    just because someone tells you upfront that it will be a "sure thing" the claimant will get the benefits does not mean that will happen. There are many reasons for a denial of benefits.

    1. Does the veteran have proper war time service?
    2. Does the veteran have proper character of discharge?
    3. Does the veteran have countable income that is over the allowable limit?
    4. Does the veteran have excess net worth?
    5. Does the veteran not qualify due to non submission of requested evidence?
    6. Does the veteran not qualify due to medical reasons?

    The type of answer you provide will help explain why he was denied and what you need to do next.

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