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    My 87-year-old father was just approved for A & A (in-home, professional caregiver). His condition has improved some compared to when the application was submitted--still requires care, but not as much; hence, the money he will be receiving is more than he currently uses to pay the caregiving service. As a newbie, I want to be sure about change-of-status reporting requirements, don't want to do anything improper, and don't want to jeopardize his receipt of needed money when he does get back to needing more care (and he will!). Info as to what to expect/do will be appreciated.
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    Do a Support of Claim and show his current medical expenses so the VA can adjust what he is entitled to. You are correct to inform them as at the end of the year when the EVR is sent out, he would more than likely be asked for the over payment to be repaid as his medical costs for care etc would not match up with what was paid.

    If his situation changes in the future, you would do the same thing only showing that his medical costs have increased making him eligible for more money.
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    Keep in mind that cost of care is not the only expense that VA can consider.

    Take a look at VA's adjudication manual for a list of some commonly allowable medical expenses:

    Part 5, Subpart iii, chapter 1, section g, page 7

    The manual is a really great read if you ever need to take a nap.

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