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Discussion in 'Surviving Spouse Application' started by Phyllis burch, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Phyllis burch

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    Do we just need the death certificate and marriage certificate as my mom has the DD-214. I am ordering them online and didn't know if both birth certificates are needed.

    We have a company that will do all this for 1500$ as they say they do all the leg work but we still have to get all the same things...

    Thank you,'

  2. Kaylin

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    You do not need the birth certificates for this particular application. I would also suggest not using a company that's going to charge you $1500 to do this application. 1. It's illegal to charge for help with this application. 2. You can do this application yourself and it would be completely free. Just use and all of the free information we give you.
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  3. Phyllis burch

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    Thank you so much.sadky the company is almost dead on your name.what page do we need all the forms and exactly what is the 180 form? I printed it out and saw 3 pages kind of confusing.
    Is this the forum or individual?
    Also does the 180 need to be turned in?


  4. Kaylin

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    I know, VeteranAid was established before American Veterans Aid. There's nothing we can do about that now when it comes to our name.

    All the forms you need are provided on our How to Apply page, along with complete instructions for applying for a veteran, spouse of a veteran, or both.

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