Date of Home Sale vs. Applying for A&A

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kate, Jun 25, 2007.

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    My dad is currently in a rehab hospital. He will be going into a SNF for a short stay and on to an Assisted Living Facility. I have Power of Atty and he would like me to sell his home. He would like to gift his home to his children and we take the time to sell his home. Is it wise to have him deed off the house to us (his kids) asap before the sale? In that case, when he applies for Aid and Attendance he won't be a homeowner. What is the best way to go about selling his home - before or after applying? Does the VA look at him gifting his home to his kids?
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    While Medicaid has a “look back” period for assessing assets, the VA does not. This means that although VA pension is needs based, the VA looks only at the claimant’s assets from the date of the application for VA benefits, not past assets.

    You should get the house out of his name before making application for his VA benefits. If there are any outstanding bills or things that he wants to do for the children or grandchildren, it should be done before making application. Take care of prearrangement of funeral expenses, etc.
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    Thanks so much for your prompt reply. You have helped me greatly.


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