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Discussion in 'Eligibility Questions' started by JimN, Jun 27, 2015.

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    What a fantastic resource this is, thank you all so much, its been very helpful and enlightening to help me and my Dad understand what is available for him.

    We're at a crossroad where Dad has been living with us since Mom's passing 10 years ago but its become a significant burden on him as well as my wife & I so we are just looking for alternatives when we stumbled upon this option. Dad is a WWII and Korean War Navy Vet and while he's somewhat independent and healthy, he has several things that he needs regular assistance with. He has Macular Degeneration where he's unable to drive now, he's severely hearing impaired and has mobility challenges including a service injury to his right knee but can use either a walker or cane to help (he receives about $133 a month for disability payments. He's also becoming unable to really fend for himself with regard to laundry, cooking, etc., and we've discussed with him going to an assisted living facility. The trouble is, dad is virtually broke, he has nothing but Social Security to live off of so in essence, I've been supporting him all these years. I have recently downsized to help with expenses but I'm at a point now where we're having to take him to doctors several times each month which is taking me and my wife away from work more frequently.

    I'm glad I found this program but I'm concerned he's not able to qualify. Aside from physical limitations, he's alert, coherent, isn't on much medication other than for pain management and can do pretty well but he and I both feel he would do well in one nearby facility in particular which is more of a retirement community but I don't have the funds for him to stay there and this program looks like it will help.

    I can work toward getting his Dr. to complete the medical form but I'm wondering if there are any other forms, submissions, etc. I need that would help with this.

    I would greatly appreciate your guidance and feedback.

    Thank you!!!
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    Independent living/Retirement facilities do no fall under a "Licensed Care Facility". The services offered there are pretty much what you can find at a hotel.

    Dad would need to be paying someone to act as his caregiver in order to demonstrate a financial need for the pension, and unless you are paying for services to come into the home or he is in facility care, that is going to be your biggest challenge.

    The fact that he can no longer drive, and requires a walker or cane to move about would be physical condition enough, but again has to show a financial need.

    Regarding all the forms necessary, you can print those off from the home page of our site, and reference the list of necessary documents to be included with the application.

    It is a lot to read through, but by doing so, you will have a much better understanding of the application process and eligibility.
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    Thank you for your response,
    I have downloaded and filled in the forms found on your site with the exception of the Physicians Statement which we're working on getting for him. Your comment "requires a walker or cane to move about would be physical condition enough, but again has to show a financial need." - we're moving him to this facility for the primary reason he has people that can better help him get around but the burden is now on me to subsidize his staying there because he literally has no money except his social security and that falls short by about 40%. Is this sufficient to show financial need?
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    It should, but I would suggest you look here on the forums under the Tips and Resources for the "Countable income" formula and use that work sheet to help you determine what his income is for VA purposes.

    Make sure that he pays everything out of his account, and if you have to supplement, then write it out of your personal account and keep a record of what you spend. Do not make deposits into his account. Keep the accounting clean so that he can show the financial need.

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