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  1. lonestarlady

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    I am hoping for some help from those of you who have been through this before. Here’s my story:

    May 20, 2012 - Sent application with cover letter, here’s what was included:

    VA 21-526 Veteran’s Application for Compensation and/or Pension
    VA 21-2680 Examination fir Housebound Status of Permanent Need for Regular Aide and Attendance
    VA 21-4142 Authorization and Consent to Release Information to the Department of Veterans Affairs
    VA 21-0845 Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to a Third Party
    Nursing Home Status Statement
    Certified Copy of Discharge/Separation Papers (Navpers-553)
    Social Security Award Notification Letter for 2012
    Bank Statement – Security Service Federal Credit Union
    Bank Statement – Bank of America
    Billing Invoice – Church Pension Group (supplemental medical insurance policy)
    Billing Invoice – Brookdale Senior Living (Assisted Living Facility)
    List of Recurring Medication Expenses
    List of Medical Visits and Hospital Admissions

    Also made the standard request due to advanced age (85 years old) and declining health, would like request expedited handling application.

    June 12, 2012 – we received a letter asking for additional information. I’ve uploaded a copy of the first few pages of the letter, and find some of the requested info confusing particularly:

    • They want a “new” 21-4142. The one I downloaded form was the Sept 2009 revision. The new one they sent is Jan 2011 revision, but it clearly states at the bottom that existing stocks of the Sept 2009 revision can still be used. I can redo the form, but it is just another hassle that seems unnecessary – anyone else had this happen?

    • They made the following statement: “Your unearned income seems too low compared to the net worth you claim. Please submit statements from your bank or financial institution to verify the amount of interest and/or dividends received during this period.” Dad’s only income is social security. His assisted living cost is $2761/month. He has about $30,000 in the bank, but this is all that is left from his life savings and a reverse mortgage he took out on his home 3 years ago. House is now in foreclosure as unable to sell it. The money is in a money market checking account, and the bank statement included the measly interest he received on that. I’m not sure what they are wanting here. Should I just explain this on the 21-4138?

    • They requested “a statement from your attending physician regarding your residency at the nursing home. Please be sure this statement includes a diagnosis and a prognosis.” I already submitted the Nursing Home Status Statement from the Physician, as well as the 21-2680. What else could they want?

    • They are requesting I submit form 21-0516-1 and 21-8416 – I did not think these were needed for the application, but only needed after approval was received?

    • The letter keeps on going and asking for stuff I felt I already provided. I hate to keep quoting the letter in this post as it will make it too long. I decided to scan part of the letter and will attached in separate posts (as 3 separate files to make them small enough). If anyone has time, perhaps they could look at it and offer some insight.

    Thanks again to Debbie and everyone on this site for all the helpful information.
  2. lonestarlady

    lonestarlady Newbie

    Attached is the first page of the letter...

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  3. lonestarlady

    lonestarlady Newbie

    And second page ...

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  4. lonestarlady

    lonestarlady Newbie

    And third page ....

    The whole thing is 20 pages long! But these 3 pages list the requested information.

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  5. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    I just went through this request for more info from London,KY a couple of weeks ago.
    Our application went in at the end of March, so I think you are making better time than us.
    You can look at my post- Making progress...hopefully. I am not sure how to hyperlink it.

    The first thing I did (after freaking out) was read the page where it says " what we have already received" or something like that. Then I compared and some things they already had listed there. Like discharge papers etc. We did complete a few more forms. They asked for nursing home info even though my husband resides at home. So I included a new "statement of support" stating that and again thanking them for processing his claim.
  6. lonestarlady

    lonestarlady Newbie

    FYI - Starting to fill out the new version of the 21-4142 they sent me (Jan 2011 version). When I went online to find the form, discovered there is an even newer version, dated Feb 2012, so I am using that one just in case they decide later that the Jan 2011 version no longer valid!

    This may be a dumb question, but I should I send in one of these forms for every doctor Dad has been seeing or just his primary physician who completed the 21-2680? He has also had several hospital admissions and an admission to a rehab facility in the last year, should I send one for those as well?
  7. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Primary care Dr. He should have all reports from any other Dr. he has seen.
  8. lonestarlady

    lonestarlady Newbie

    Thanks to Vetwife and Debbie for the replies.

    Since no one else has any suggestions on the my other questions, I guess I'll just muddle through and do the best I can!!
  9. Fillise

    Fillise Newbie

    Hi, I looked at you letter. We got one similar, but they asked for less. On ours they also asked for information we already sent. When I called they told me not to resend those items unless I had new information. It sounds like they want more evidence in support of the claim, although this seems very extensive. Any form that had new information I sent. I noted the forms where the information should stand as is. That was all I knew to do.
  10. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    That was basically what I did also.
    I did review that page that shows what they have already received closely.
    I also filled out any of the forms they requested that they did not already have.
    Ours was referencing if there were any prior marriages.
    I did not send in any further medical info other than the doctor's form.
    Our doctor did a good job of listing my husband's incapacities.
    I checked the box asking them to decide based on what has been submitted already.
  11. dianeflys

    dianeflys Newbie

    Lonestarlady - My father just received something similar so, I too, am hoping that your post generates some input/advice. :eek:
    Thanks solely to this website, we mailed a very complete (I think!) application. It was received on April 13th. We have received one or two innoculous mailings from the VA since. Then this.....21 pages of requests for information and a few forms...i.e. "In support of your claim, we need a doctors statement showing you need the aid & attendance of....blah blah blah"...This is spite of the fact that we sent in TWO Drs. statements with his application, one from his PCP and one from the Rehab. Facility where he stayed. They were very detailed as to his limitations, the asst. he required, etc.
    The letter also said that they need evidence that 'you have qualifying active duty service...blah blah..' This, even though we mailed his DD-214 and they, later in this same letter, include it in the list of items they have received....sigh. My questions are these:
    Do we re-send the two Dr.'s statements already sent? The letter states that we should send treatment records related to his claimed conditions. Does this mean that we should send hospital admissions records as well as his PCP's office records....(he has been hospitalized 3 times in the last 6 months)? I fail to see how this would be helpful, as the Dr.'s statments thoroughly and effectively communicated his conditions....but we'll do it, of course, if that's what they want! Or should we get his PCP to fill out yet another statement?

    Like lonestarlady, they requested the following be submitted: VA Forms 21-4138, 21-4142, 21-8416 & 21-0516-1.
    They requested medical expenses going back one year. Why would they request that at this juncture?..Is that a hopeful sign?..

    We also have the option of not submitting any more information and letting them decide based on the info they have at hand. Thoughts?....

    Finally, why did this correspondence come from London Ky and not the regional office to which the initial claim was submitted?...Is this significant?...

    Sorry for the ramblings!.....Other than in Lonestarlady's post, I hadn't seen this type of VA correspondence mentioned here. THANK you in advance to all who share their insight or experience with this.
  12. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    Hi Dianeflys..
    We just went through this request for more info for my husband's claim.
    I posted earlier in this thread about our experience.
    I did make sure to send the info to the address supplied in London, KY. because that is what it said to do.
    Speaking with a va rep, she said that location is like a service center that helps with processing claims.
    I will be anxious to see your updates, we are in the same timeframe.
    Good Luck to you and us too... :)
  13. dianeflys

    dianeflys Newbie

    Was just able to download and read lonestarlady's letters-(for some reason I couldn't do it on my other computer)--almost identical to what we received.

    Sorry to have been perhaps repetitive in my questions. If not inclined to answer specific questions, would anyone care to offer any thoughts as to, generally, what this type of letter means?, is the VA just looking for more evidence in support of claim?...etc...

    Oh, and thanks Vetwife!...I'll post here what we decide to submit and what happens... ::)
  14. lonestarlady

    lonestarlady Newbie

    Thanks to all who posted after receiving similar requests. My impression is that this is a form letter of some sort, and the person supposedly reviewing the file had not really reviewed the file to determine what had already been submitted.

    Wish we had some input from others who have been through this.

    I still don't understand why they are asking for all these medical expenses for the past year - this is normally only requested after initial approval in granted and they are looking to reimburse past expenses. Other advice on this forum recommended only sending in confirmed recurring expenses. We are really only hoping for reimbursement from this point forward - it would be nice to get some past reimbursement, but we can live without that. Dad is down to nothing in his his bank accounts, so we really just need it from now on.

    I am still working on what they requested, although it is quite stressful trying to pull all this information together! Hope to send it in this week. I don't plan to "resend" what we already sent (nursing home statement, doctor's statement, etc). I am going to do a cover letter where I reference each of their requests and whether I have included something additional, or am referencing a previously sent document.

    Blessings to all, and saying a special prayer for all of our Vets on this Fourth of July!
  15. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    I had another concern on this subject. Our letter asking for more info was dated May 21. The info I sent back confirmed delivered on June 6. Three weeks later they still did not show it in the system as received. I faxed the same info yesterday just to make sure they have it. The letter says something along the lines of "if we do not hear back from in 30 days we may decide based on what we have".

    Well, obviously if they are asking for more info you do not want them to decide without that info. Maybe they will deny it. The rep on the phone said they date stamp everything and as long as it arrived before the 30 days you should be ok. She made a note in the system that I called and had proof of delivery on June 6.

    No wonder Debbie says always make sure you have return receipt!

    Happy 4th to all and bless all our vets!!
  16. lonestarlady

    lonestarlady Newbie

    I am completing the new forms they requested. I am not sending in any hospital records (my dad has also been hospitalized 3 times in the past year and spent 6 weeks in rehab facility). I am completing the consent for medical records forms, and they can request the records if they want them. If I request them, it will take too long and put us outside the 30 day period, plus they will want me to pay for them. If the VA requests the records, they are sent for free. The records from our PCP should contain all the information the VA needs to make a determination (in fact, that's what Debbie previously recommended - PCP records should have what they need). The Nursing Home Statement, signed by the doctor, and the Va 21-2680 spell out his need for assisted living and more statements from the doctor would not add any additional information.
  17. dianeflys

    dianeflys Newbie

    I'm thankful to have you to bounce things off of Lonestarlady!..

    I just spent a better part of a day completing these forms. They really were confusing. For some reason, I again cannot pull up the copies of the letter you received and posted here. Did yours, on the first page, talk of 'your claim for non service connected pension and special monthly pension'? And then on the next page say something like 'in order to support your claim for .......due to service connected conditions'....wth!?? We didn't apply for any service related pension, just the Aid & Attendance. I'm hoping that's just a standard form type letter and not an error on their part thinking that we (for my Dad) applied for something other than that!..thoughts?..sigh...

    Anyway, like you, I filled out the forms they included as well as a new statement in support of claim. Reiterated what had already been submitted and thanked them.... :eek:

    I will keep you posted as to my progress and please, you do the same!....good luck!...

  18. lonestarlady

    lonestarlady Newbie

    I am sending you the scans by private email. Ours did have the same on the first page - reference to "non service-connected disability pension" and "special monthly pension". No reference in ours as to "service connected conditions".
  19. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    We are all in the same timeframe with our claims. It will be interesting to see how they all play out.
    Hopefully, successfully for all of us. We sent the requested info back one month ago.
    Have not heard anything yet...we are beginning month four. Our finances are in sad shape. :(
  20. dianeflys

    dianeflys Newbie

    Yes, Vetwife, sounds like there are several of us who are at about the same place in the process, with maybe you a bit ahead. Good luck and please keep us posted!


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