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    After six months, i have finally received notice from the Veterans that my mother was awarded a monthly entitlement of $427. I guess i just don't know how this all works and i suppose we should be happy that she was awarded some money, but i thought the aid and attendance calculation was $1,055 for a spouse of a deceased veteran.

    While at this point, anything is better than nothing, Mom is 93 and is in need of someone constantly. She has little use of her hands and needs assistance with walking and the every day tasks of life.

    We have an aid but cannot afford her and have been doing the best we can and were hoping with the additional funds we could have Rosa (the aid) more hours.

    Can you tell me how these calculations work and what can we do to receive more.

    The form says Monthly Entitlement $427.
    Reason For Change
    Death Pension Granted with Aid and Attendance

    It says that they granted death pension benefits effective March 1, 2009.

    They approved an additional allowance for aid and Attendance effective March 1, 2009.

    They couldn't approve the claim for accrued benefits (I didn't even know if filled that out)

    They denied the DIC.

    I guess i was mistaken and thought the aid and attendance was $1,055 - i just filled out all the forms that were provided me - is there anything else i can do for Mom to help get her additional help/income?

    Thanks so much for all the help.

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    Hello Hayanee,
    Your mother's Monthly Income minus the Medical Expenses you submitted must have resulted in a positive number - known as Income for VA Purposes. They take the difference between IVAP and the $1,056 and that is her award. If you have receipts for non-perscription pharmacuticals (like depends) or checks for care, co-pays, medical insurance that you forgot to submit, do so now to increase the award. You can also pay a family member and have that be an allowable medical expense deduction.

    You are through the hard part, now you need to track/submit medical expenses to get the award increased to the full amount.

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you, i will start my homework on that now. Do i just send a letter or is there another format such as a special form for that too.

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    You use the Medical Expense report -

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