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    I file a yearly clothing allowance application and mail to the VA every year and usually it goes without any hiccups and I get my yearly allowance. This past year I never received an acknowledgement letter back from them or the money deposited in my bank so I called the VA and they told me that my application is not on file and that they never received it and told me to send them proof which I do have a copy of the form filled out but that don't prove I mailed it etc. Long story short I emailed representative through IRIS and was told my concern/issue would be forwarded to the manager over prosthetics and they would take care of me. (I was also told that they was going to return my call with an answer and never heard back). I do not know what to do, is there another route I could take to seek help with this sort of matter? Thanks for any input or ideas on this.

    FYI my clothing allowance is for wear and tear on my clothes from wearing knee braces.
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    I have to say that I am not familiar with this, and it sounds more like something that falls under "compensation" rather than "pension"

    I don't know if anyone here on the forums has dealt with this issue, so not sure we are going to be the best resource for you.

    I do highly suggest that you continue to call the VA until someone can give you a proper answer and hopefully get this resolved for you.

    Thank you for your service to our country.

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